Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Houses I LOVE

I'm all about rehabing an older home. I want to live in a historical home. I want to learn about it, and it's builders/early owners. I want to incorporate them into my design, or try to find photos of them. I'm getting antsy ya'll.

Franklin, VA89k

Clover, VA 69k

Lynchburg, VA 75k

Lynchburg, VA 58k


I am so entirely unmotivated to do anything (as I was typing this I remembered something I was supposed to have done already today and had to rush and do.) other than read a book and play with Archer. I am feeling kind of hugry, but have no desire to get up and start supper.

I need to pick up my living room and clean up the kitchen a little because a friend is coming over for lunch tomorrow. Haven't done it. Started some laundry yesterday, haven't done it yet.

Not sick or anything, just lazy.

Monday, July 27, 2009


Wow, blog readers, you've been innundated with long ass posts lately! : ) Sorry for my wordiness.

When Harry, err Chance met Sally

I have given bits and snips of my life, how about a little introduction?

Chance and I have been married for three years. We got married on the 5th anniversary of when he asked me to be his girlfriend.

Well, that's not quite true. It was more the 5th anniversary of the first time I said yes. : ) LOL Let's rewind back a little further shall we?

When I was in kindergarten, there was this cute little boy who stuck his tongue out when he colored. I was a little freaked out because he was a boy with germs and kept trying to sit by me and the BFF previously mentioned.

My class was extremely small, so we have always been friends. My parents went to school with his parents, so on and so forth. My dad was a partier, and his parents were partiers so it only made sense that they would at some point party together. We were all at the lake one weekend, and I ended up going home with his family to spend the night with his older sister. She was a few years older than me, but we were both smart nerdy kids so we got along. This happened a few times.

Ok, honestly guys, can I tell you a little secret? I used to pretend that Ken was Chance. KWIM? When I played Barbies, I was Barbie and he was Ken. I know, sappy huh. Had to get that off my chest.

Anyway. Junior high comes along, and for the first time, I kind of like boys. I was never boy crazy like the bff. (Just liked the one is all)

My very first boyfriend EVER was a really good friend named Ryan. We are still pretty good friends. I broke up with him for a boy 2 years younger than me. He rode my bus, I thought he was cute. lol

My third boyfriend, he was trouble. He was charming, handsome, could talk his way into or out of anything I think. I went on my first real date with him. We watched U-571 about German submarines in WWII. Lame. Anyway, he kissed me as the credits rolled, closed mouth. : ) He broke up with me while I was in CO visiting the bff for the summer. He tried to be my bf again after I came home, but I wasn't having it.

We're now in my freshman year and there was a new boy riding my bus. He was handsome and athletic. I flirted shamelessly with him. We both loved Zelda, losers, I know. He borrowed the newest game out at the time that I had just gotten for my birthday. We sit by each other on the bus daily, I started going to his basketball games, etc etc.

He asked me to be his girlfriend. I did. We kissed, open mouthed. My first ever. We went on dates, watched movies, blah blah. He broke up with me because he needed to focus on baseball season. (He also told me he loved me, I didn't reciprocate. He broke up with me the next week, some love eh?)

Chance has now started writing me notes. He was pissed I went out with sports boy. He doesn't like him. Don't know why. He rode my bus too, by the way. Could be all the flirting I did with other boys in front of him!

Around February I think we started writing notes back and forth a lot. He was telling me about his parents, who were still partying and perpetually splitting up etc. I'm a fixer, I would talk on the phone with him for hours about all the drama in his life, just trying to make something better.

One day I was walking around town with a girl I was friends with. We were just wasting time before a baseball game. Chance pulls up in his sister's boyfriends truck to tell me that they had just broken up and his sister is gone, she ran away. I rode around with him for a little bit.

He'd been asking me to be his girlfriend for weeks. I really wanted to, but I knew that I was 15 and that if I decided to be with him then, I would want to be with him forever. I know how preposterous that sounds, but I just knew. I wasnt sure if I wanted to experience more life or not.

Obviously in the end, I chose to say yes. April 21, 2001.

We got married on April 21, 2006. No wedding, just a ceremony in a wedding chapel, my bff and my cousin who Chance has been friends with for life.


Feeling the need to clarify.

Last week when I was professing my desire to have more of a life, and thus hoping to move halfway across the country I hope it didn't sound as though I thoroughly unhappy with my life the way it is. I'm not.

I am happily married to my best friend. I am the mother of a wonderful little boy whose smile brightens my day. I have two amazing parents and a MASSIVE extended family that are there for me in all my endeavors.

I have a bachelors degree in a field I believe in, even if I'm not sure if it's what I want to do with my life. I have some graduate hours that I would love to finish before I'm old and gray.

I have some of the best friends in the world. My bff (I would never use such silly language in my everyday life, but we have been inseperable since kindergarten even if she did move 8 hours away.) knows how to make me laugh and not only would, but could kick the ass of anyone who crossed me. If I begged enough, she would probably pack her life up and move across country with me. (hint, hint)

I really do have a normal, blissful life. I am proud of all of my accomplishments. I'm content. I just would like to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself just a little.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Looking up

Just got the yard sprayed! Yay, now maybe Archer can play in his yard without ants eating him alive. Plus, I have been getting flea bites like no other thanks to my million dog having neighbors.

Just popped my lasagna in the oven, can't wait to eat it!!

Long Weekend

Went from one of those days, to a super long weekend. Not a bad weekend, just long.

Friday I took Archer to my moms and then enjoyed a LONG hot jetted bath. Really helped to ease some of the frustration from the previous day. I drove up to OKC (Oklahoma City for the foreigners), well Moore really, but it's on the boundary line. Actually, to get technical, I drove to Norman first to see my friend and her brand new baby girl Sidnee Lee. She is so tiny, I felt like a moron who couldn't say anything but how tiny she was.

Archer weighed 8lbs 8oz, he wasn't a small baby by any means. Sidnee weighed 6lbs and had dropped to near 5 when I was seeing her. Her little head was sooo tiny, remember my son had/has a big round Einstein like head. She was a cutie, but I couldn't get over how doll like she was!!

Friday night I spent with my best friend. It was a ton of fun, and I am super ready to go back. We spent the even giggling like little kids (this is all we generally do, we are experts at making the other laugh to the point of aches and nose squirting) and I got to see her little brother who is now all grown up! I haven't seen him since he was 15 probably, he's now 19 almost 20. He just moved back to OK from CO and I'm so glad because when we were kids he was the little brother I never had.

I had to be up first thing Saturday morning to go take a stinking test for my certification. I had Severe/Profound, Multiple Disabilities at 8. I had to check in at 715. I pull up to the school, there is a line from the front door of the HS to the football field. While I realize you have no idea what this means, I'm sure you understand the sentiment. An older man who latched onto me after lunch since we were in the same room for both tests said he asked and there were 1100 people testing. Insane.

You are alotted 4 hours per test. I finished the first in about an hour and a half. I'm not an expert in directions or where things are in OKC, so I wandered for a while until I found the road that takes me to my favorite mall. I headed to it, went straight to Starbucks, got a latte and wandered back to BBW to see a good friend from my BBW days. (I don't generally drink coffee because I'm not a fan of the taste without all the extras cappucino and lattes have to offer, BUT I love the feeling of the caffeine moving throughout my body. Chance says I'm making it up, but I can totally feel my brain clear up and then the rest of my limbs seem to follow suit as I drain the drink.) I talked with her about life and nothing in particular until I could head to my FAVORITE restaurant for lunch.

It's called Pepperoni Grill. MMmmm. They have this awesome cracked pepper and parmesan cheese bread. It is so good. The cheese is baked inside, just this rectangle of cheese. I could subsist on it. They serve it with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, I'm not a fan of the mixture so I dip it straight in the vinegar. MMmmmmm. Wait, where was I?

Right, after lunch I had to go back and wait for 1230 to arrive so that they would allow us back into the building to resume testing. This is where the older man latched on to me. I was sitting quietly on a bench reading a Mrs. Murphy book. I had never read a Mrs. Murphy book, but the idea of an entire story being told by a cat was cute, so I decided to try it. Didn't get very far before old man interrupted to ask if I had sat next to him during the AM session, which I did. He then told me his life story, well, his professional life story. I didn't ask about anything else, but he seemed to want to talk so I indulged him. It was his birthday I found out, or I might have gone back to reading.

By this time, the two small glasses of coke served with my bread and the coffee from Starbucks were wearing off. I get to my classroom to test, I sit down, they go through the spiel and I crash. I was soooo tired I was fighting to keep my eyes open. So, I would sit for a few seconds rest, and then force myself to focus. Some of the questions were so absurdly easy, and then some I just played einy meiny, miney mo and guessed. (that's my method, fyi)

This test (still alotted 4 hours) took me 3. It was a little longer, and the one I was a little more worried about. After the test, I walked out into the extreme sweltering heat. It had gotten so hot in those 3 hours. Plus it was starting to cloud over and the humidity was drowning me. I buzzed back to the interstate and headed to Yukon to get a hood vent from my friend Joy/Alice Cullen. She had it in her last garage sale for $25 so I told her to save it for me. We hadn't had one since the beginning of the great remodel, and I was so happy to get one that cheap! (Of course when I went to get it, she wouldn't let me pay her, the punk.)

I then had to drive home. On the drive home, Chance called bitching that I needed to take my dad's cell phone to him ASAP because they had needed it at work. This is the 2nd time I've borrowed one of my parents cell phones. It's so dumb because he (my dad) was whining about it, and then saying he was going to get a disposable phone for me to use so I wouldn't bother him about it. Whatever. They had to work all weekend on a side job resulting from the tornado in May.

I get home. I was telling Chance how wiped out I was, and he's pissed because he's tired and I'm supposed to be all nice when I get home because he's supposedly working so he can buy me a new computer. Whatever, he was in such a bad mood, I just went on to my moms to pick up Archer.

Of course when I got home, he was all apologizing, said he was tired. I made him go get us food to make up for it.

Arch went to bed fairly early, slept all night long! Chance had to get up for work early, so about 8 when Arch did finally wake up I gathered him up to sleep with me and snuggle to make up for the weekend.

Today, I was supposed to take Arch to Chance's parents since they didn't get to see him yesterday. Chance told them I would be there noonish. Chance got home at 1240 bitching because I hadn't taken him over yet. "Why do you always have to be late?" He said, like the jerk he can be.

I just walked out. When I got back, he tried to apologize, but the man kind where he still tried to make it my fault. So, while he was taking a nap on the couch I decided to vacuum. : )

Anyway, now it's time to cook, and some guy called about spraying my yard for insects so he's coming too. It was kind of funny, because he was REALLY trying hard to sell me on it, name dropping and such. Eh, but the dog next door has fleas and I'm sick of wearing a ton of bug spray AND using citranella coils to keep the mosquitoes from biting. Not to mention the fact that Archer and I still have bites!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Hell Day.

So, as we all know, yesterday sucked. One can only wish it had ended with the poop eating, but sadly, no.

At 1, Archer was still awake. He finally fell asleep around 130, I put him to bed.

At 3, Archer was wide awake sitting up his in bed screaming.

At 10, Archer was awake babbling in his crib. I go in to get him only to find Shit everywhere. Crib, sheets, himself.

Great start to the day. I hate to say it, but I'm glad he's going to my mom's for the night.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

So apparently,

I have a problem with saying so. :)

So, I'm my mother, in case you were wondering.

Last night at dinner, my son starts saying, "NahNah" and shaking his head. I thought it was so cute, the first time he had done it. Didn't think anything of it. : ) He has been pointing his little finger while ranting for a while. Both are cute endearing little things!

Well, if you've been paying attention, he has been a bit of a pill lately. From trying to get things off of the tables to hitting, things he would be told no for.

How does this make me my mother? Well, my mother points her finger, and apparently so do I. He has even poked me while ranting at me. *rolls eyes and shakes head* So, obviously the head shaking comes from me as well. Today in the car he was trying to throw a fit while getting buckled, so I say, "No No" and shake my head! : )

I'm having a totally un-holy day.

So far I have watched part of Harry Potter that was on my DVR, Twilight, and am currently watching Hocus Pocus. I used to watch this movie all the time when I was younger, my mom still has my VHS copy that my neice and nephew watch.

It's not that I feel that watching these things are bad or unholy, but I know that they are definitely viewed by some that way. At a job interview a few weeks ago I asked if I would be allowed to use a Harry Potter theme in my classroom and the principal said it would be something he would be OK with, but that I would need to ask my parents about it first. One of the other teachers in the interview said she hated Harry Potter, it was something she would never do.

I think we all need to realize that reading fiction books doesn't make us bad people. I know that Hogwarts doesn't really exist. (Even though I will admit, I'm so glad I didn't know about Harry Potter as a 9 year old, I really might have been one of the weirdos in cloaks who truly believed.) I know that vampires aren't real, I get that. (Doesn't mean I don't wish my husband acted a little more like Edward Cullen.)

Mostly, we all (and by we, I mean the people who think these fiction things are bad for society) need to keep our minds open.

Oh how I love Saturdays!

Even though I am running low on sleep due to Chance not sharing the blanket with me last night, causing me to freeze most of the night, I'm still glad for the day.

Chance and Archer have a weekly tradition of going to Chance's mom and dad's every Saturday. They've been doing it since Archer was born. It started out as a way for Archer to see them (even though they only live 20 minutes away) and has now turned into a way for me to get a small break.

I was pondering the other day how much I am going to need this break once I go back to work, but either way, I need to work.

Anyway, I'm signing off for now, gonna lay around and read for awhile. Maybe take a nap, haven't decided.

Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm all about safety, but seriously?

I just spent the last 15 minutes sawing the child proof lid off of a bottle of bleach.

Yep, you read that right, SAWING. You've seen Ron Popeil sawing crap on the Showtime Knife commercial right? Well that was just me. That's actually the first time I've ever needed or used that particular knife.

I tried several other options before resorting to that measure, but I really needed to bleach some bottles and cups. My poor hand is all sore and mangled from trying to do it without the saw.

I'm hoping I still have the bottle that's nearly empty in the laundry room so I can use that lid.

Being Adventurous or Being Selfish?

So, as some of you may or may not know, I live in Oklahoma. Never once in my life have I felt like I should be from here. Both of my parents were born here, and then subsequently grew up in other places.

My dad was born in the tiny town of which I graduate high school. He lived there for 3 years. It was at that point that his mother scandalized her marriage by having an affair and getting pregnant. Her son, named after my dad's uncle and my dad's grandpa, turned out to be another mans baby. At this point, she took 2 of her 3 sons and moved to California with said other man. My dad was then adopted by this man, because his birth father didn't believe that he was actually his son.

He stayed there in Ca, part time raising his 3 brothers while his mom was working and doing other things. There is this heartbreaking story that she was gone for days. My dad was 8 or so, his brothers were 5, 4, and baby. He took care of them without her for 3 days before going next door. He stayed there until they ran out of food. They ate crackers and nothing because she told my dad not to tell anyone.

Anyway, past the angst. After flunking like 7th grade or something, he came back to OK to live with his birth father. (I asked him recently why he failed because he is extremely smart, he said because the bus routes were super long even then and he got tired of having to get up 2 hours early to get to school on time. I'm sure it had something to do with alcohol, drugs and girls too, but he didn't admit to all of that.) The man who adopted him was long since gone, and he was sent to OK to grow up.

My mom was born in the town I currently live in, just 20 mins away from where my dad was born. My grandparents were married in March 1959 when my grandma was 16, (she turned 17 the next day) in the house I live in. They had my mom 10 months and two weeks later. My two aunts were born the two consecutive years.

When my mom was 6 or 7 my Nanny was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. My Poppy wanting the best care available for her, moved his family to Boulder, CO. (My Nanny always said it was because he didn't want her daddy interfering.) My mom and her sisters came to OK every summer and stayed here at the house I live in with my Nanny's parents or at my Poppy's mom's house about 45 minutes away from here. They suffered many trials while there, including my grandpa being diagnosed with MS and returned in 1973-ish.

So, both of my parents grew up in big cities, far away from Oklahoma. And, here I am stuck. My dad even spent many years working in CA, well Blythe which is more Mexico/Arizona than CA, but my mom said they talked about moving to Northern CA when I was young. My dad was pretty young, wild, and irresponsible for a large part of his life, so I understand her not doing it then.

Back to me. I just want to experience something new. I know what it's like in Oklahoma, and I want to know what it's like somewhere else. I don't want to tell boring stories to my grandchildren about how I never did anything else but live in the town I grew up in. Not that it's a horrible thing to do that, I just don't want it for my life, for my family.

The house we live in is free. We took ownership of it as it was just rotting away after my great grandparents died. We would be super well off if we sold it, but I'm not sure that I have the heart to, nor would my family be super happy about it. My mom gets sentimental about it as it is.

I don't really have a solid reason for choosing the area, TN/VA/NC, I just like the scenery, the weather, and the proximity of the beach. I'm not the kind of person who would just go spend the day working on my tan or marveling over the blue ocean water. I just love the steady rhythm and playing in the sand.

Chance said a few nights ago that we would seriously talk about it when Archer was 3 and that he wouldn't move before Archer was 5. Hopefully I can move that up a year or so, but not much more. And, I don't want to live there my entire life. I'm ok with coming back if we hate it, I just want to try it out, see how it fits.

Well, that's it. There are deep dark family secrets out there for the world to see. I'm feeling sort of melancholic now.

When did children stop listening to their parents?

Is everyone else's 11 month old baby completely ignoring everything they are told, and not listening at all when they are told no? Or is this just happening to me?

Archer is so adventurous. He is into everything. He crawls from one end of the couch to the other trying to fish things off the end tables. Yesterday he pulled my glass of tea onto my tan microfiber couch and managed to spill it on the back and seat of 2 sections. I tell him no, he doesn't care. I swat his hand, he doesn't care. I just don't get it.

I'm not against redirecting, I would almost rather do that than swatting/spanking in the future, but it doesn't work in the tiniest. I move him across the room and put a really enticing toy out for him to play with, nothing. He turns right back around and stomp crawls to whatever I removed him from. Usually an end table or a crevice of the living room where I can't see him.

Yesterday Chance pulled some clothes out of the dryer and put them on the loveseat. Within seconds, Archer had every single item in the floor. I'm telling him no, I'm pulling his hand away. I couldn't get them folded fast enough to keep him out of them. Which, obviously there is an easy solution for this, put the clothes on my bed and fold them there. That's just not the point. I should be able to fold clothes in the living room without him ripping them to the floor.

It's like with his blocks: I could spend hours stacking this kids blocks just to watch him knock them over. You can't stack 2 blocks without him knocking them down.

Plus he's getting super aggressive. I just had to take the cordless phone away from him (that he snuck from behind my back) because he was hitting me in the face with it. Yesterday I told him no about getting on a table, and he started flipping his arms around and trying to bite me.

Is this normal fit throwing behavior? Did some one switch my sweet baby with a terrible two when I wasn't looking?

Thank you Lord.

It is actually chilly in my house this morning. It's giving my overworked AC's a nice break.

There is a great little number I can call to see what the temperature in my town is, and for me it's fairly accurate since my house is only blocks away from the bank that runs it. I just called and the temp is 79. It's so wonderful. I actually need a blanket inside my house.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Recipe of the Day: Veggie Mac and Cheese

Boxed mac and cheese
Any other veggie you want to use

I had leftover squash and carrots that I had steamed for Archer to eat yesterday in the fridge. I made him some mac and cheese for lunch and was going to give him the veggies, but really didn't want to warm them all or dirty a dish for a few chunks of vegetable. So, I just tossed them in when I was mixing the noodles with the cheese sauce. He didn't even notice there was squash in there! : )

Worked out perfect. I almost considered not telling Chance and doing it to him too, but he would freak if he figured it out! Guess I could puree it and sneak it in!

Why do we fight sleep?

Archer has now been up since 830 this morning, possibly earlier, but I didn't get him out of bed until 830. He took a 30 minute nap earlier, at like 8pm, but only because he just decided to wake up at 830, it was not intended to be a nap. He has since had an 8oz bottle, (usually only has 6 because it has taken him since then to finish the 8 oz) and some of my oatmeal.

He is wide awake playing and squawking on the couch. I am so freaking tired. I don't generally take naps when he does during the day just because I don't need them, but man today I needed it. And to top it off Chance is usually off on Fridays which gives me a little bit of a break, but not tomorrow. They only worked half a day yesterday so they are working tomorrow. (FYI:Chance and my dad work together, so when I say they I mean my dad also.)

Plus, it's raining, so it's super cool in the house and it's thundering the soft sleep inducing thunder. Well, sleep inducing for everyone except my son.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Archer and Daddy playing!

Chance has been saying since before Archer was born that he can't wait to play with him! I love my husband, and the little stinker he's playing with!! : )

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Recipe of the Day: Goulash

Lean ground beef
Can of diced tomatoes and green chiles
Can of tomato sauce

Boil noodles in salted water. Brown onion and beef; and season. I like to use cayenne pepper and sea salt when cooking. It makes it spicy, but that's how we eat! Drain beef.

Add strained noodles and tomatoes and sauce. Add additional water if needed.

This is one of my favorite things to eat. It's always better the next day! : ) Pair with whatever vegetable side you like.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

My hair, again. A slight improvement.

I cut my bangs. My self! : )

I'm not really sure how I like it just yet, but I haven't fixed my hair the way I usually wear it. But, basically I hate paying $25 for some one else to do my hair the wrong way.

Recipe of the Day: Spaghetti and Raviolis

So this isn't so much a recipe as a meal idea, but it's still something I like to eat/make. I use wheat pasta and the Ragu sauce I use has vegetables sneaked in like Chef Boyardee.

Cheese ravioli
Wheat spaghetti

I boil my noodles with a little salt. The ravioli I just warm up in a glass dish in the microwave. And my secret is adding a little sugar to the sauce to tone down the bite and not-home made flavor.

Serve with fresh french bread and a salad if you want. But def do the bread! : )

Job/Certification Interview

I had a job interview for a second grade classroom yesterday. It's at a school that I have subbed at several times and my cousin is there, so I know I would have a mentor. My sister has been the secretary there for 4 years, and just quit to help her husband with his business. Since she knows everyone she talked to her best friend, who was on the interview committee and they said I did a great job, the only concern is the fact that I'm only special ed right now, but am planning to take the elementary ed test in 2 weeks.

Then...later that day I had to go to the State Department of Education and interview with the TCRP (which I now know stands for Teacher Competency, crap...somethingR Panel). I drive to OKC, still all dressed up from my previous interview. I actually got there early because I DIDN'T get lost for the first time ever. I am almost immediately taken back to an office room to wait for the person next to me to finish. After 3 or 4 minutes I'm taken into a room with the head of HR for the Sapulpa school district. He tells me my post-baccalauret work allows me to have the abbreviated interview. What does that mean? He asks me one question. I drove an hour and a half for ONE question.

Oh well, it's done anyway! : )

Friday, July 10, 2009

House I want to build someday

House plans, home plans, floor plans, home blueprints, construction plans, home designer, house plan at homeplans.com

Recipe of the Day: Szechuan Chicken Stir fry **Spicy**

House of Tsang Szechuan Sauce
3 Chicken breasts or Pork cutlets
Instant Rice
Favorite stir fry veggies (I like zuccini, bell peppers, onions, fresh green beans, and asparagus)

Cut meat into small bite sized pieces, sear then reduce heat and finish cooking. Cut veggies. I like to do my zuccini in thin strips. Coat chicken in sauce and let cook. In a seperate skillet, cover veggies with sauce and cover. Cook until soft. Prepare rice. (I like boil in a bag rice, it's quick and super easy.)

This is one of my and Chance's favorite things to eat. I have a hard time finding the sauce at our small wal mart, so check at a bigger wal mart or ask your small local grocer to order it!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I want some brownies dang it.

Chance said he was gonna take a little nap and for me to wake him up at 330 and he would go make me some brownies. I started trying to wake him up then, and still nothing. It's now 425 and he's still freaking asleep. I want some brownies!!!!!!

Daily Recipe - Beef Smoked Sausage Hash?

Sorry, I suck at naming things.

This meal is super easy and very man friendly, and baby friendly if you are like me and feed your child the things you eat.

4 slices of bacon
4 medium-large potatoes (depending on the amount of people you want to feed)
1 package great value smoked Beef sausage
2 large/3 medium carrots

Ok, here's where you can sub or change. I like cabbage in mine, I think if you like spinach it would be good too. Add as much or as little as you want.

You render the bacon into fat in the skillet on low/medium heat. Quarter potatoes into medium width chunks, you don't want them to cook to fast and get mushy. When the potatoes are getting soft, add the sausage and cover.

Stir fairly frequently or the potatoes on the bottom with burn.

A nice cool cottage cheese salad would go great with this.

Why women should rule the world.

My dad has been talking about trading his truck in for months. Well, this summer they have been trying really hard to unload the behemoth (it's an 07 Ford F150 V8 longbed) and a few weeks ago my dad found a truck he was ok with. They went and looked at it, but they were still $10 over his current payment and he refused to pay it. My mom finally talked him into it, but only if he got this Escape that was cheaper because she drives it anyway.

My dad talked to the kid, who is my age FYI, and got everything all worked out. My mom was supposed to go up, pick up the Escape and leave the truck for the night.

We get up there today, kid isn't anywhere around. No receptionist, not a woman in the dealership at all. After waiting about 5 minutes another salesman comes out and asks if we are waiting for something. No shit sherlock. What else would we be doing sitting in the lobby of a car dealership? We say yes, tell him what the deal is. He wanders around, finds another man to follow him in his wandering. The owner comes up, he is apparently kid's dad. So now we have the first stupid man, the man he picked up, kid and kid's dad wandering around trying to get the car ready.

Kid's dad comes up sits down, bs-es for a while and then tells my mom he can't really make the deal he offered my dad over the phone yesterday because that was for the truck and not the Escape. The E is $4k cheaper, so why would the payments be more you ask? Men are dumb that's why. So now kid's dad tells us we can test drive the E or the Truck that my dad had orginally picked out. Mom says she knows what the truck drives like, it's just like the one she has.

We take the E and call my dad to tell him about the crap deal they have going on. My dad says to just come home, because oh yeah we drove 30 minutes to do this, but then he decides he will just call and see what the deal is.

Somewhere in all the mass chaos of stupid men I suggest that they need a woman in the dealership running the show and my mom quips, "Yeah, kid's mom needs to come down here and line her men out."

Gotta love bossy controlling feminists. Now you guys see why I like Kate Gosselin. Yeah she might be bossy and snotty, but occasionally it's necessary.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My damn hair.

I'm so tired of my hair. I really want to grow it out a little more, but it's at the stage where it won't fix and all I can do is wear it up. I hate wearing it up.

I'm kind of considering dying it brown. I've never had solid brown hair before, but I found this pic of Drew Barrymore and I really like it. I'm thinking this length and color, with a side bang.

Any opinions?

Chance's Boyfriend.

I refer to Chance's best friend Johnson as his boyfriend because once they started hanging out they were perfect for each other.

My dad hired Jeremiah on their construction crew. They had the same job, liked the same things etc.

Well a little bit down the road we started all hanging out, his gf at the time and Chance and I. They talked on the phone all the time and acted like they were dating, so his gf and I accused them of wanting to be with each other instead of us. It's been a running joke since then.

Sorry for any confusion.

My Friend Alice Cullen

Just made plans to meet with one of my very best friends Friday after my interview with the Dept of Ed. I haven't seen her since March I think. Ugh.

Just for those of you who don't know Joy (nicknamed Joyful, and it fits like a glove let me tell you) she is very reminiscent of Alice from Twilight.

She's small and petite and one of the most beautiful people I know. She's super perky and has the tendency to tackle/hug you when it's been a while since she's seen you. She always looks nice where ever she goes. Everything has it's place and she makes sure it goes there. She works hard and gets things done. I'm telling you, I think Stephenie Meyer knows her and she truly is where Alice came from. :)

Maybe things are settling down?

So, my kitchen has been cleared of Chance's boyfriend's things. He came last night to pick up the TV. Chance of course had gone to bed at 730 so I talked to him for a while.

He actually seems to be serious about divorcing his wife. That's a good start, they really bring out the worst in each other, never a good start for a marriage.

My reunion was really the only major thing I had planned this summer other than VBS so now I'm just on the down hill glide until I have to get a job.

I go Friday to interview with the TCRP (Teacher Commission for Readiness and P..something) and have the opportunity to do a professional development thing that day as well. The school my sister worked at had a teacher resign so I am going tomorrow to turn in my resume and hope that I could work there...

Monday, July 6, 2009

Reunion Pictures!!

Just a start, am waiting for my aunt to upload hers.

Archer is rubbing the long hairs on the back of his head.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Pictures will be a little delayed, my batteries died in my camera and I wasn't interested in buying the $4 pack of 4 batteries at the only store in a 20 minute radius.

Reunion was good. It has dwindled down to my immediate family and one other family. It used to be at least 10 other families.

The weather was excruciatingly hot all week.

Chance ended up not coming until Friday. He brought his boyfriend or friend as he was previously referred to.

My cousin brought her 13 month old so Archer had a playmate. He was walking, but was not above crawling around on the concrete floor and share his tractors with Arch.

Thursday and Friday night we played a little Mad Gab. It's a lot of fun, but Friday we had 14 people playing. It's a little busy with 6 people guessing at one time.

Saturday ended up sucking a little. It started clouding up and then it RAINED. I don't just mean rain, I mean we had a monsoon. It rained for the majority of the day, and the storm knocked the power out inside which pretty much kept us waiting near windows and hovering under awnings to keep dry yet cool.

Chance and his bf had planned on doing some outdoor things that evening. They were bored and ended up going home that night, but the upside was they took Archer.

Today we cleaned and headed home. Chance, Archer and I all took naps this afternoon.

Overall, it was a great week. : )

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

See ya on the flip side

I'm heading to my family reunion. See ya Sunday.

I had been debating on taking my laptop b/c there is wifi but it's so old and run down and I don't think my mom wants me to take hers. (the one I'm currently using)

So I'll be back Sunday with tales and pics.
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