Tuesday, June 30, 2009


After bragging about my great husband earlier, I now have to bring him down a few notches.

I get home from the store and he is home from work. I had laid some steaks out and he, like the grill master he is, had them cooked already. I made his plate and something to drink because he looked wiped out. He was acting odd so I asked if everything was ok. He said everything was fine he was just really tired. I let it go.

Seven-thirty rolls around and is going to bed. This isn't uncommon, but doesn't happen but once a month or so. I get it, he gets up at 430 and isn't home until after 5. I get that he is tired, so I'm totally fine with it.

Archer is sleepy and at 8 goes to bed. Chance comes to the living room at 9 wondering why I didn't come in and "talk" to him when Archer went to bed.

Seriously, if you are so tired that you need to go to bed at 730 you are too tired to "talk."

Procrastination is a disease

It's a serious difficult genetic disease.

Maybe it's just an extreme lack of discipline on my part, but I procratinate things. Evenwhen I think about doing them, I put them off and then it ends up being late.

Most of the time this doesn't affect my professional life, but right now I am having such a hard time getting motivated to get a job and/or get the necessary work done to get a job.

I guess it's just that it's my first real job, but I don't wanna do it.

Too fast.

Summer and, well time in general is going by way to fast.

Other than the fact that Archer shouldn't be 10 months old, I'm just not ready for the summer to be over. I'm stuck on feeling sad that I have to go to work in the fall, but at the same time I really hope that I get a job.

I'm just ready to be slightly more financially stable. While nothing is past due, I just feel like I need to be ahead rather than waiting to get behind.

How is it I go from summer flying by too quickly to bitching about money?

Guess that's a more true reflection of my mood?

Just a little reminder

I discussed Chance's friend and my BFF's relationship problems yesterday.

It didn't necessarily occur to me at the time, but man I'm so glad I'm happily married. We've never really dated other people, we've been together since we were 15. People who say that is a mistake can look around at the relationships of people who started dating when they were older that collapse.

Consider that the divorce rate in America is 50%. The next time you are a room with another married person, odds are one of you will be divorced. While I do think that the reason so many marriages end in divorce is because of the people who are getting married don't need to be.

IE, friend and his wife. They had no business getting married, they fight all the time. Not just disagreements, they have deep rutted insecurities, trust issues, and she cheated. He has control issues and she has control/mood issues. So, divorced they will be.

Just makes me so grateful for a happy loving marriage.

Just one of those days.

My day was going great, then the phone rang.

Chance's best friend called. He's having marital issues, and I didn't want to be in the middle. I didn't answer. Then, Chance calls.

Said friend is bringing some of his stuff to our house to store while friend is at work so that his wife (who he is leaving) doesn't destroy it while he is at work. He will just be leaving it here until Friday, he is moving back home to NY then.

We have a tiny house. So, I had to do some rearranging for this stuff to fit. I move all of Archer's furniture around so that there is room and so that I can still get directly to the crib.

I go to the bank, deposit $200 to pay the freaking motorcycle payment. (The motorcycle that doesn't get driven.) I leave the house with $300 and come back with none.

Somewhere I lost a $100 bill. Who freaking does that? Me. I am a loser, in that, I lose things. I am soo pissed at myself. The only place I went after the bank was Sonic. Chance is convinced that I gave the damn carhop a $100 instead of a $1. I'm floored.

I was so worried he would be pissed, because like I said, I'm a loser. While I have never lost money before, I have lost other important things. You would think that as many things as I have been in charge of/resposible for, I would be more careful with my personal things, but I seem to have a problem.

THEN, friend brings his stuff before Chance gets home. While my mom is here actually, trying to get me to go to the store and spend the money I lost. (That I didn't tell her I lost.) So, I help friend unload his crap onto my kitchen table, he wants to see how big of a trailer he is going to need to take his crap back to NY.

Meaning? All the room I cleared in Archer's room was done in vain, he won't be using the empty space.

After the stuff was unloaded, I had to tell Chance the awful news that I'm a loser. He wasn't mad and didn't even care. He actually offered to give me more money. Not the $100 I had, but more.

That's why I love him.

Now I sit waiting on my insomniac son to go to sleep and am talking with my best friend who decided on the fly to come spend the night so she can do a little romantic recon on the ex/boyfriend who won't call her back. He's an ass.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Movie Review

I watched "My Sister's Keeper" with my mom and sister Friday night. I really liked it.

It was a little transparent and the court scenes were as fake as it gets, but it was a good enough story.

One scene shows the dad having to hold the younger sister down while they do some procedure and it broke my heart imagining having to do that to Archer.

I'm google-able, kind of.

I posted a link to my uncle's art site last week, and the other day I was googling him to see what came up, and my blog came up.

So basically, I'm a nerd and thought that was really cool. : )

Do they make baby Ambien?

I don't really care if it causes sleep eating and driving. As long as it doesn't cause sleep repelling, he's stuck in his crib.

Archer was co sleeping for most of his life, in May I decided he HAD to sleep in his own bed. It worked great for a few weeks, now we (and by we I mean 'I') are getting up every 3 hours again. He is getting a new tooth, a fang, and I am praying that this is the cause of the lack of sleep. I'm tired.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Clean your face!

Archer absolutely hates having a dirty face, ok?

Well, last night Chance is sitting the floor while I rub lotion on the massive sunburn covering his back. Archer is having fruit in his highchair in the living room because we never eat at the table. Other than fruit, he still has a little bit of supper left on his tray, creamy chicken and noodles.

I guess he had a problem with how dirty his hands and face were because he stretches over as far as he can trying to wipe his hands on a throw blanket that is folded in a chair next to his high chair.

I tell Chance to get him, because my hands are covered in lotion. So what does he do, the obvious man thing: He gets him down, doesn't wipe his face and hands with the towel I had on the back of the chair and puts him in the floor.

What does Archer do? Pulls himself up to the chair with the throw in it, pulls the throw to the edge and wipes his hands and face with it.

I ask what the point of getting him down was if he wasn't going to clean him off and his answer is:

I didn't know he was going to do that.

WTH? How did you not know he was going to do that. He has spent the past 5 minutes trying to do it, and now you give him free reign to do it and don't clean him off.


Friday, June 12, 2009

I hate stress.

I'm not usually a stresser, I just go with "If it's gonna happen, it's gonna happen." But man lately there is just a lot going on, my daily routine has been soo out of whack I'm just tense and stressed.

I need a vacation with no children and no husbands, and no family. Just me on a beach with some books, a big towel and an umbrella. Yeah, I'm sure without Chance and Archer I would be bored to death in an hour, but at least I would have that one hour all to myself.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I've admitted I'm a loser

who reads fan fic, but now I'm a loser who writes it too. I published a story on Twilighted and am waiting for it to be validated.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Princess and the Frog

I guess it could be because I am not a minority that I don't get this controversy.

I think it's beautiful that Disney is making a black princess, I think it's way past due. This story is such a classic, and I wondered why it had never been tackled by Disney.

The original story line was that the heroine was a black chambermaid named Maddy. They changed that because it was too stereotypical, but I think that story shows, like Cinderella that hard times can be overcome and you can still end up a beautiful princess.

The other controversy is that Prince Naveen isn't black. One online blogger actually said the Prince should be black because having an unblack prince says that Black love isn't enough, or that black men could never be princes. I mean really? Our president is black, and while I 100% agree that there are still people who feel that way, this is a new and changing generation.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bright and Early

Archer generally sleeps in until around 10 or so, so my rise at 7 this morning has been very unwelcome. I don't mind getting up early so much anymore, I just don't like it so much when he goes to bed at 11, and Mommy doesn't get to sleep until 1ish.

Chance and Arch used to make it their weekly task to go to the IL's every Saturday, but the wonderful county we live in has decided to tear out 2 of the 3 rural roads that lead to their house. You can still drive on 1 of them, but it's dirt, washes out every time it sprinkles and is just in awful shape. So, they didn't go at all last month.

Now, consider what Mommy does when they are gone all day: absolutely nothing. I might find the inspiration to clean a little, but not usually. I'm ready for my day off. Hopefully I can convince Chance to go see his parents today.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Summer's here!

My first tomato ever!

However after I thought the 5 inches of rain we got after planting my pretty little tomato plant is finally thriving again. We planted it on a Sunday, and it rained for 2 weeks straight after it was planted.

Yesterday I noticed that it seemed to be in much better health than it was before, and upon closer inspection, I found green gold!

I can't wait for fresh tomato salsa, on burgers, just to eat! MMMM!

Ant bait

My poor child was ant attacked again. We know where there is a small ant hill, we sprayed and keep Archer from that part of the yard b/c it's dirt anyway.

Last night he was playing in a really grassy part of the yard and after me telling Chance to go get him for 4 minutes b/c he was straying away from his normal area, he goes to get him and finds ants all over his legs. So I run get the water hose, spray him down and get them all off. Then I feel horrible about letting this happen again.

But the upside is, he never once cried.

Merrily playing before the ant attack:

Poor little chewed up leg after:

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ahh the Joys!

Even though Archer has been meaner and meaner lately, he has been super lovey too. Here are just a few things that I love about being a mommy!

1. His sweet, sweet smile when he wakes up!
2. The new wet kisses he has been giving me.
3. The way he slept when he was tiny with his head on my shoulders.
4. How he has given me hugs since he was 2 months old.
5. The insane mess that covers my living room floor.
6. How he can play with anything and be just as pleased if it were the fanciest toy ever.
7. The way he giggles in his sleep when I do things that tickle him on accident.

Schools out and I just wanna stay home

So my mom and my sister both work at schools, and are both out for the summer. My usual schedule is to stay at home with Archer all day. Now that they are out, they like to run around and go places. It doesn't really bother me that much, it's just I enjoy my time at home, you know.

I guess if I ever get a job teaching, I will be the same way.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

So you think you can...

Dance? Really?

I love this show it's my favorite summer indulgence, but I love these crazy people in the auditions who honestly think they CAN dance.

Sorry for the shorties lately, I've been busy.

Mean little bugg-uh

Archer is rapidly becoming a mean child. He just pinched/scratched my ear and then laughed. I'm not liking this stage AT ALL!

My favorite kind of pictures

After taking and viewing over 500 pictures this weekend, I have decided I have a favorite type.

I love closely cropped pictures that are zoomed directly to the face, the kind where the whole face isn't visible. I took a ton of pictures of Archer and my sister's SIL is a photographer and took some pictures of my neice that I love.

Here is the pic of my neice that is my fave.

And here are some that I have taken of my cousins, neice and nephew:

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