Sunday, July 5, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Pictures will be a little delayed, my batteries died in my camera and I wasn't interested in buying the $4 pack of 4 batteries at the only store in a 20 minute radius.

Reunion was good. It has dwindled down to my immediate family and one other family. It used to be at least 10 other families.

The weather was excruciatingly hot all week.

Chance ended up not coming until Friday. He brought his boyfriend or friend as he was previously referred to.

My cousin brought her 13 month old so Archer had a playmate. He was walking, but was not above crawling around on the concrete floor and share his tractors with Arch.

Thursday and Friday night we played a little Mad Gab. It's a lot of fun, but Friday we had 14 people playing. It's a little busy with 6 people guessing at one time.

Saturday ended up sucking a little. It started clouding up and then it RAINED. I don't just mean rain, I mean we had a monsoon. It rained for the majority of the day, and the storm knocked the power out inside which pretty much kept us waiting near windows and hovering under awnings to keep dry yet cool.

Chance and his bf had planned on doing some outdoor things that evening. They were bored and ended up going home that night, but the upside was they took Archer.

Today we cleaned and headed home. Chance, Archer and I all took naps this afternoon.

Overall, it was a great week. : )


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