Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Week 12 and some extra

I posted recently that my little boy is going to be a big brother this year. Since I didn't do a post explaining the announcement (what explanation is needed? lol) I thought I would combine my initial pregnancy story and my twelve week update in the same post. 

On Saturday January 7th, I decided to take a pregnancy test. My period is always irregular and after a few late days I take a test just to ease my mind. (I bought some really cheap on amazon and they are actually accurate.) Let's just say I was a little more than shocked when that second line popped up. 

Even though we had a big surprise, we're still happy and excited. I make this statement because I get asked this question all the time. I'm not really sure what people expect me to say when they ask if we're excited, I've actually considered telling the next person that I'm terrified and we're considering adoption. Because really, find a better question (lol). 

I wasn't really having any symptoms before taking the test, but as soon as I did a lot of symptoms were explained. For example, I took the test my first week back to school after Christmas break. I was exhausted, but I was just thinking that was because I had been so lazy over break. I also realized my boobs were sore, but I had been attributing that my upcoming period. It also explained my overly emotional state. 

So, that's the beginning of my pregnancy. 

As for an update until week 12, I've been tired, nauseous, and full of acid. I haven't thrown up yet. I'm sure there will be lots of hate mail over that last statement, but that doesn't mean I haven't been miserable. I spent every day from the second week of January to now getting heartburn from everything I ate, including plain toast. I had to sleep upright because the acid was giving me a sore throat by the time I woke up. I know lots of people who have it worse every day, and I know just how lucky I am. 

This pregnancy has been similar (that I can remember) to my previous pregnancy with the exception of the heartburn. I don't remember it being so bad so early. 

My newest problem is dizziness. I am dizzy just about every day. It's usually worse in the evenings, but there have been a few days that I felt like I couldn't even lift my head up. 

Mostly, I'm just ready to feel normal again and looking forward to the more fun parts of being pregnant. I'm ready to feel the baby, get to see it on ultrasound, and pick out fun stuff for baby. :) 

Stay tuned for the Week 16 update.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Going Well

In case you're wondering, the giving up facebook for Lent thing is going fairly well. I do miss adult interaction, which I don't get a whole lot of after work most days. That results in me having all these conversation topics and no one to talk to. But, because pregnancy has rendered my brain nearly useless, I forget most of them anyway.

Archer seems to be enjoying his less-distracted-Mom. Yesterday morning I told him that when we got home we would play outside, play an ABC game on the computer, and watch a movie together. (I planned to watch Mary Poppins because we read the book the other night, AND I know we own it, but I can't for the life of me find it.) When I picked him up at daycare he said, "Mom, I know what we're doing today. We're playing outside, and playing ABCs." He added a few extra things that weren't on the list, but I got out of them (jumping rope and running in circles around the yard, I just don't have the energy for those activities.) I ended up having to take some stuff back to the store last night before the return period ended, so we changed our plans and ended up having dinner and ice cream together before returning home to work on some letters and watch Coraline.

I'm obviously a little partial, but he seems to understand his ABCs and the sounds they make pretty well. Even though he doesn't always know the letter, he almost always knows what sound it makes-example, the monster asks for "e, e says ee" and he knew the answer was zebra without being able to pick the letter e out of the line up. The most impressive were the ones that had the clue in multiple words, the monster asked for /l/ and he chose a word with /l/ in the middle when they were actually wanting "leaf." Another example was /z/ and they were looking for "zebra" but another choice was "nose" which also has the /z/ sound. I thought it was stupid because it was sounds in words, not sounds at the beginnings of words (that's a seperate game) so really he was right.

Anyway, the point of this rambling post is, I'm alive and well. I'm enjoying my break, but missing being in the loop with everyone. I'm glad to have no choice (or distractions) in spending time with my little boy while I can.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Big News!

Oh by the way, I forgot to tell you my big news!! :) 

Archer is going to be a big brother. Baby #2 coming September 2012.

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What I'm giving up for Lent.

I'm putting a little blurb here, just in case.

Have I ever told you all just how much I love Facebook? I think it's an amazing place to keep up with friends and family you don't get to see often (or if you'll remember my post from around Christmas, you'll also know that I have a few dozen friends that I love that I've never even met in real life). Facebook seems to be the only way to keep up with those people.

But here's the thing about Facebook. It's just so tempting to never leave. You can pop in whenever, on your phone or computer. When you know there is an incredibly interesting/funny/dramatic conversation, it can even draw all of your attention without you even realizing it.

Last year, I gave up Chick Fil A for Lent. No I'm not Catholic, Methodist or any other branch of Christianity that observes the Lent, but after reading more about it, I decided that it wouldn't hurt me to sacrifice something. It would teach me self discipline. It would allow me to demonstrate my willingness to give up something in order to make myself a better person. It's both a spiritual thing and a personal thing. Except, last year, when I stopped eating at CFA, I started eating at other fast food places; so that obviously didn't work right.

This year,  I am (if you haven't guessed) giving up Facebook. However, I'm not limiting to Facebook. I am giving up the use of social media as a distraction to life. Instead of coming home from work, sitting down with my computer and checking Facebook, I'm going to spend more time playing with Archer, hanging out with Chance, cleaning my house, etc.

Because there are people that I will truly miss (because I never see them in my daily life) I feel a little guilty about this. But after a prayer, after some inner soul searching, the feeling in the pit of my stomach when I pondered what I thought God wanted me to do, I knew. I knew I needed to devote as much time as I could to my family, and Lent gave me a great tool in which to test myself.

So, I probably won't be blogging much (if any, no surprise there) and I definitely won't be on Facebook. I deactivated this evening, and have spent my non-facebook time playing educational games, reading, and watching movies with Archer.

If you're one of my Facebook friends and feeling left out, please feel free to email me, call me, text me. And please understand that this is just something I need to do for myself and my family. Know that I'm probably missing you and wishing I could be chatting with you. But, Easter isn't too far away!

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