Friday, July 10, 2009

Recipe of the Day: Szechuan Chicken Stir fry **Spicy**

House of Tsang Szechuan Sauce
3 Chicken breasts or Pork cutlets
Instant Rice
Favorite stir fry veggies (I like zuccini, bell peppers, onions, fresh green beans, and asparagus)

Cut meat into small bite sized pieces, sear then reduce heat and finish cooking. Cut veggies. I like to do my zuccini in thin strips. Coat chicken in sauce and let cook. In a seperate skillet, cover veggies with sauce and cover. Cook until soft. Prepare rice. (I like boil in a bag rice, it's quick and super easy.)

This is one of my and Chance's favorite things to eat. I have a hard time finding the sauce at our small wal mart, so check at a bigger wal mart or ask your small local grocer to order it!


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