Monday, July 27, 2009

When Harry, err Chance met Sally

I have given bits and snips of my life, how about a little introduction?

Chance and I have been married for three years. We got married on the 5th anniversary of when he asked me to be his girlfriend.

Well, that's not quite true. It was more the 5th anniversary of the first time I said yes. : ) LOL Let's rewind back a little further shall we?

When I was in kindergarten, there was this cute little boy who stuck his tongue out when he colored. I was a little freaked out because he was a boy with germs and kept trying to sit by me and the BFF previously mentioned.

My class was extremely small, so we have always been friends. My parents went to school with his parents, so on and so forth. My dad was a partier, and his parents were partiers so it only made sense that they would at some point party together. We were all at the lake one weekend, and I ended up going home with his family to spend the night with his older sister. She was a few years older than me, but we were both smart nerdy kids so we got along. This happened a few times.

Ok, honestly guys, can I tell you a little secret? I used to pretend that Ken was Chance. KWIM? When I played Barbies, I was Barbie and he was Ken. I know, sappy huh. Had to get that off my chest.

Anyway. Junior high comes along, and for the first time, I kind of like boys. I was never boy crazy like the bff. (Just liked the one is all)

My very first boyfriend EVER was a really good friend named Ryan. We are still pretty good friends. I broke up with him for a boy 2 years younger than me. He rode my bus, I thought he was cute. lol

My third boyfriend, he was trouble. He was charming, handsome, could talk his way into or out of anything I think. I went on my first real date with him. We watched U-571 about German submarines in WWII. Lame. Anyway, he kissed me as the credits rolled, closed mouth. : ) He broke up with me while I was in CO visiting the bff for the summer. He tried to be my bf again after I came home, but I wasn't having it.

We're now in my freshman year and there was a new boy riding my bus. He was handsome and athletic. I flirted shamelessly with him. We both loved Zelda, losers, I know. He borrowed the newest game out at the time that I had just gotten for my birthday. We sit by each other on the bus daily, I started going to his basketball games, etc etc.

He asked me to be his girlfriend. I did. We kissed, open mouthed. My first ever. We went on dates, watched movies, blah blah. He broke up with me because he needed to focus on baseball season. (He also told me he loved me, I didn't reciprocate. He broke up with me the next week, some love eh?)

Chance has now started writing me notes. He was pissed I went out with sports boy. He doesn't like him. Don't know why. He rode my bus too, by the way. Could be all the flirting I did with other boys in front of him!

Around February I think we started writing notes back and forth a lot. He was telling me about his parents, who were still partying and perpetually splitting up etc. I'm a fixer, I would talk on the phone with him for hours about all the drama in his life, just trying to make something better.

One day I was walking around town with a girl I was friends with. We were just wasting time before a baseball game. Chance pulls up in his sister's boyfriends truck to tell me that they had just broken up and his sister is gone, she ran away. I rode around with him for a little bit.

He'd been asking me to be his girlfriend for weeks. I really wanted to, but I knew that I was 15 and that if I decided to be with him then, I would want to be with him forever. I know how preposterous that sounds, but I just knew. I wasnt sure if I wanted to experience more life or not.

Obviously in the end, I chose to say yes. April 21, 2001.

We got married on April 21, 2006. No wedding, just a ceremony in a wedding chapel, my bff and my cousin who Chance has been friends with for life.



Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

What a beautiful story!

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