Saturday, May 30, 2009

I'm being a feminist again.

I had a thought today, I have really never once considered myself feminist, but I think I must really be. How ironic huh, a stay at home mom feminazi?

This is the reason, the show "Little Rascals." Basic idea: Young boys having a club called, "He-Man Woman Haters Club" and the only exception to this club, the cutest girl in town Darla.

Ok, first of all that title is as insulting as it gets. I mean, that's not PC in anyway shape or form. Then to have little boys acting and talking about it makes it worse. Add to that, the cute girl can be in the club, but only because the boys are all lusting after her, really? I'm not OK with that, on any level.

Chance says to this, "They are just kids, they don't have any idea what's going on. It's just a kids show."

Yeah, but when this show first came out, KIDS weren't writing storylines, scripts, or directing it, MEN were. Chauvanistic, men were.

While I don't agree in all things feminist, my son will not be watching Little Rascals, on principle. : )

Friday, May 29, 2009

Death...preferrably without the taxes.

Chance's grandma died on Monday.

This lady was a constant figure in his life. His dad owned his own business and was gone a lot, so he and his siblings spent a lot of time with his grandparents.

I kept waiting for some, any kind of emotion, but he insists that he is totally at peace with her passing. I don't think I have seen him cry over this, he did when his grandpa (this grandma's husband) but only for a few minutes and then he was fine.

Well, his mom is addict. While she might not currently be addicted to anything, she just has a weak personality. She has been moaning and wailing about losing her mother. I get that, honestly I do. But she and her sister aren't on the same page about things, and I just don't get it.

The other thing they did drives me nuts, but I sucked it up. His grandma made it clear she DID not want an open casket service. She didn't want people looking at her. Chance and I are getting cremated for this reason. The person you know and love are not there, that is the shell, the soul, the person they are gone. Well his family asks the entire service to exit the front doors for a "private moment." Chance is completely unaware of this, was not told of this. So after everyone leaves, they begin opening the casket, we immediately got up. Chance was pissed at his mom for not telling him. I think it's morbid.

She was upset at her sister for getting the flowers from the funeral home. Well, they were from her friends, and they are just flowers. I don't get it.

I have never been a fan of traditional funerals, I think that there is a way to deal with grief without playing sad music and seeing an empty body. I don't know if it's my faith and that I have never lost anyone close to me who wasn't going to heaven, or if I'm just weird, but I have no need in seeing a dead body.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Entertaining the sheep

While I don't specifically consider my lovely husband a sheep, it's a fun expression.

Here we sit, me online and him watching the NBA finals, both of us randomly entertaining Arch. While I enjoy occasionally interrupting my browsing and playing on the computer to watch with him, it's not gonna kill me if I miss a few games. This is something we have been doing

Penis envy, I think not.

I'm not exactly sure what it is with men. I mean really, only a man would come up with something as asenine as penis envy. IF anything, it's clearly the other way around. Generally if I'm out and about, and there is a stray penis I might look out of morbid train-wreck type curiosity, but I'm gonna look away. If there are boobs out in the open, men gape, and without regard to anything else that might be happening around them. I think it's boob envy, and they are just too insecure to admit it.

What brought on this line of questioning? My 9 month old son is already a full on man.

His little butt started seeming slightly chaffed so I gave him a good dousing of powder. I put some on the penis too, and thus developed his new bad habit. If his diaper is off for more than 2 seconds, his hand is on it. I have to pull his hand off because he's clutching to it like it's a life preserver and the Titanic just went down.

The first time he did this it was just "Oh, wow where did that come from?" By the time I got the diaper on, he was saluting. Let's just say his daddy was more than amused. He even cheered him on. (Check double standards here, as there is no way he would cheer his daughter in the same fashion)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A big problem and a slight crossover

So this one ties to the house blog a little.

Originally my kitchen was closed off from the living room. Well, Chance decided it would open things up if we tore that wall down, created a header to hold the load of the house and build a smaller wall on the opposite side just wide enough for some counter space and the range. So now here I am a year later wishing we would have just left it.

Yeah it opens things up and gives an overall feeling of more space, but for me it's not that much better. Now instead of having a small kitchen and living room, I have a small great room where you are in the kitchen when you are in the living room.

The biggest pitfall of all is that Arch can waltz right on into the kitchen with ease. In an attempt to keep him out, Chance moved the furniture so that the gap is the size that it would be if there were a door, but it's not enough to keep him out. So, last night we tried a new babygate, still didn't work. So today I had to break out the pack n play to keep him in the living room.

When we build a new house, the kitchen is going to be seperated from the living room by a door. I can just see it now, sitting at the table with my girlfriends gossiping about our husbands, and they can't hear us because the door is closed! : )

Who should I make the check out to, Thomas or PBS?

Wow, PBS is getting money from me next telethon.

I thought Penguins of Madagascar were life savers? Archer has been watching Thomas and Friends for 15 mins without looking away. He has done this once before, but I thought it might be a a fluke. Nope. I'm not sure what it is about it, but he loves it.

Bangs, really?

Jordana Brewster Pictures - 2 of 10 - Maxim Girls Photo Gallery

I have always hated bangs, but I'm really thinking about getting my hair cut this way. I have already decided to grow it out, and I think bangs really help.

Rain,rain come back and play....

The month of May has brought a lot of rain. We had over two weeks of overcast skies and it rained most days.

While everyone was grumbling about the weather, I was loving it. The temperatures were fantastic. I will admit it was tough on Archer not being able to go outside, but he loved watching out the door at the rain.

The closer it gets to the scorching temperatures of summer, I am missing those cloudy dreary days.

I guess I might just have to break out my Twilight books and pretend I lived on the Olympic Peninsula.

The bomb seems to be slightly farther away today.

After almost a week of feeling overly frustrated with Archer and myself, today has proved a turn for the better.

Last night I put him to sleep a little after 10. He slept until 4:30 without a bottle, which is amazing. Chance went and got him and brought him to bed with us for 30 more minutes until he had to get up for work. I put him back in his crib and got to sleep until 9. It was great.

He had a small whining attack around 11 this morning, but I put him down for a short nap. After Saturday's 2 hour nap and no sleeping at night incident, I set the microwave timer for 1 hour. When I went to get him, he was watching TV playing with his toys.

It made me smile just to see that he got a little nap and woke up with a smile.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fundamental Feminists

I have a confession. I read fanfic. I am airing this because while reading a story the other day, the heroine was accused of setting back the women's lib movement for making a full Thanksgiving dinner.

I have always been extremely fond of cooking, and find this a little disconcerting. Since when does doing something you enjoy setting back the lib? If you are being forced to do, maybe I can see that, but being in a relationship with anyone who forces you to do anything has already done damage to what the women of our past worked hard to achieve.

Small bombs and Short fuses. (A Rant of sorts)

I considered writing a welcome blog, but basically have other things at the front of my mind that needs let out!

After a free Friday evening and late night in with friends, you would think that my holiday weekend would be in some way refreshing. Ah, nah.

Archer slept great at my mom's Friday, and the majority of the night Saturday and Sunday. I didn't do much all weekend, just sat at home hanging out with my best friend and her boyfriend.

Well this is Tuesday. Last night Archer went to bed at 9 and was up at 1 due to a nap that lasted a little too long during the day. He didn't sleep well, which means I didn't sleep well. He was awake bright and early this morning at 8:30, quite possibly the earliest he has EVER been up for the day.

So now I am at my wits end with myself for making easy decisions that were "easy" at the time and not thinking the consequences of my actions through.
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