Saturday, July 11, 2009

Job/Certification Interview

I had a job interview for a second grade classroom yesterday. It's at a school that I have subbed at several times and my cousin is there, so I know I would have a mentor. My sister has been the secretary there for 4 years, and just quit to help her husband with his business. Since she knows everyone she talked to her best friend, who was on the interview committee and they said I did a great job, the only concern is the fact that I'm only special ed right now, but am planning to take the elementary ed test in 2 weeks.

Then...later that day I had to go to the State Department of Education and interview with the TCRP (which I now know stands for Teacher Competency, crap...somethingR Panel). I drive to OKC, still all dressed up from my previous interview. I actually got there early because I DIDN'T get lost for the first time ever. I am almost immediately taken back to an office room to wait for the person next to me to finish. After 3 or 4 minutes I'm taken into a room with the head of HR for the Sapulpa school district. He tells me my post-baccalauret work allows me to have the abbreviated interview. What does that mean? He asks me one question. I drove an hour and a half for ONE question.

Oh well, it's done anyway! : )


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