Friday, July 17, 2009

When did children stop listening to their parents?

Is everyone else's 11 month old baby completely ignoring everything they are told, and not listening at all when they are told no? Or is this just happening to me?

Archer is so adventurous. He is into everything. He crawls from one end of the couch to the other trying to fish things off the end tables. Yesterday he pulled my glass of tea onto my tan microfiber couch and managed to spill it on the back and seat of 2 sections. I tell him no, he doesn't care. I swat his hand, he doesn't care. I just don't get it.

I'm not against redirecting, I would almost rather do that than swatting/spanking in the future, but it doesn't work in the tiniest. I move him across the room and put a really enticing toy out for him to play with, nothing. He turns right back around and stomp crawls to whatever I removed him from. Usually an end table or a crevice of the living room where I can't see him.

Yesterday Chance pulled some clothes out of the dryer and put them on the loveseat. Within seconds, Archer had every single item in the floor. I'm telling him no, I'm pulling his hand away. I couldn't get them folded fast enough to keep him out of them. Which, obviously there is an easy solution for this, put the clothes on my bed and fold them there. That's just not the point. I should be able to fold clothes in the living room without him ripping them to the floor.

It's like with his blocks: I could spend hours stacking this kids blocks just to watch him knock them over. You can't stack 2 blocks without him knocking them down.

Plus he's getting super aggressive. I just had to take the cordless phone away from him (that he snuck from behind my back) because he was hitting me in the face with it. Yesterday I told him no about getting on a table, and he started flipping his arms around and trying to bite me.

Is this normal fit throwing behavior? Did some one switch my sweet baby with a terrible two when I wasn't looking?


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