Saturday, July 18, 2009

I'm having a totally un-holy day.

So far I have watched part of Harry Potter that was on my DVR, Twilight, and am currently watching Hocus Pocus. I used to watch this movie all the time when I was younger, my mom still has my VHS copy that my neice and nephew watch.

It's not that I feel that watching these things are bad or unholy, but I know that they are definitely viewed by some that way. At a job interview a few weeks ago I asked if I would be allowed to use a Harry Potter theme in my classroom and the principal said it would be something he would be OK with, but that I would need to ask my parents about it first. One of the other teachers in the interview said she hated Harry Potter, it was something she would never do.

I think we all need to realize that reading fiction books doesn't make us bad people. I know that Hogwarts doesn't really exist. (Even though I will admit, I'm so glad I didn't know about Harry Potter as a 9 year old, I really might have been one of the weirdos in cloaks who truly believed.) I know that vampires aren't real, I get that. (Doesn't mean I don't wish my husband acted a little more like Edward Cullen.)

Mostly, we all (and by we, I mean the people who think these fiction things are bad for society) need to keep our minds open.


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