Sunday, December 27, 2009

Being a good samaritan

In case you didn't know, Oklahoma had it's worst snow in one day last week, on Christmas Eve. Thankfully, everyone in my family made it safely to my grandpa's thanks for 4wd, well except for my sister, who made it safely, but only after being pulled up a hill by a farmer.

Yesterday, it was ten times worse, as the temps are getting up to 40, and then all the slush is packing down to ice and refreezing on the hills. As we were heading up this steep, but staggered hill, we saw that there were 2 cars in the ditch, and one flipped over. Then we saw that there were people climbing out of the one flipped over.

I told Chance to pull over and I ran over to them, only falling once on the slick hill. : ) I get there and it's three kids, and their older father. The littlest girl is just in hysterics, she was probably 4 or 5, the middle boy was 7 or 8, and I think he was impressed, and the oldest girl, who I think was probably the surrogate mom, was in shock. She was 12 or 13. The dad was in major shock. I started gathering these kids up, as they are bleeding, and/or crying. I looked at him and said, I'm taking your kids up there. He never even looked at me.

I used snow and McDonald's napkins to clean their cuts as we waited in our warm truck for the wrecker and ambulance. Archer was extremely curious as to what these kids were doing in the backseat with him. I tried to talk to them, and the girls were still pretty shaken up, so the boy answered most of the questions. He was abuzz with excitement, maybe because he was a boy, or maybe just the age; but his response was so extremely different from his sisters.

The whole rest of the way to Chance's parents I was on edge. Even though we have giant tires and 4wd, I was just scared and anxious that something would happen. It's kind of funny how we can be so oblivious to even the most obvious thing. Like, this is the 2nd time we've stopped to help someone who had rolled over on ice, and it made me feel a little more unsure about being out on the ice both times, even though Chance assured me we were safe.

Of course, later then he got his miniature monster truck stuck in mud and snow, which had me a little panicked. "If he can get stuck, surely we can wreck on ice too" was rushing through my mind. I guess I'm just a panicker.

Either way, made it home safely, roads were salted, sanded, and even a little dirt and hay were strewn about. Now, lets hope there's no snow next week like Jed is saying!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wall Decorations for Bedroom

Just wanted to share pictures of the decorations I bought.

I love this one.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Redecorating my bedroom!

While I do realize it's probably dumb to buy things to decorate with this close to Christmas, everything is on sale at Hobby Lobby. I never really got to decorate our house because we were just too stinking poor to do it before now.

So, I went with my mom yesterday so that she could buy her Dirty Santa present for my Poppy's house and I got some things for the living room and the bedroom.

I think I want to do the bedroom in vintage prints and black and white, so I got this frame that says I Love You and J'taime all over it. It's metal and painted a distressed white. I also got this chandelier print with red and a bird on it.

While browsing last night, I found this awesome comforter at walmart. And this neat chandelier at Target.

The chandelier says it's best used in a hallway, but I'm not convinced. : )

I told Chance I would wait until my next pay period to splurge on all of this, but I really want it now!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sometimes something intervenes?

Whether you believe in God, fate, or whatever, you have to admit that coincidinces sometimes just seem to good to be true.

As you know, I have been studying my butt off because of my extreme procratinator tendencies. Well, earlier today, one of the Hb momma's had an application post something into the news feed. It was called God Wants you to Know Today (or something similar). The post said, God wants you to know that your stress and worries are best turned over to him. Give over your anxieties of the future and rest well tonight. The post almost got a little horoscope-ish, or even fortune cookie-ish, but it was what I needed to hear.

While I'm still studying, and reading my book, I'm not going to be anxious about it. If I fail this class, then I'll take it again next semester. As sucky as that is, it's life I guess.

And while my mind is not as stressed, I wish it would send a message to my rock hard, aching shoulders to release a little of the hold they have on me.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

School Stress

So, I'm on the verge of freaking out.

I still have 12 quizzes left to do BY MONDAY for one of my stinking online classes, and the site is down.

I can read and study, whatever, but the quizzes have to be finished before I can take the exam.

I hate that I am such an awful procrastinator. It is my fault for sure, but this class is a little different. I didn't get the $150 book for a long time because my scholarship foundation took forever to pay me; and even though I started work in September, I didn't get paid until November.

Ugh, I need a massage to release some of the massive tension.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I am so completely overwhelmed...

I am kicking myself in the behind for not staying on top of my homework all through the year on these dang online classes!

I have two tests to take, 12 quizzes, and several discussions/observations to turn in. I can take an incomplete in only one class to continue recieving funding. I asked the teacher for my psych class if he would let me take an incomplete through break, I pray that he does.

Otherwise, this is going to be the strictest most hard core weekend ever.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

How many words?

I was starting to worry about Archer and his word level being too low. But just in the past few weeks his language skills have exploded.

Here are the real words he's using:
-Ami (My sister's name is Kami)
-BeBe (While pointing to his belly button)
-Poopy (When asked if he's poopy he says it, but doesn't tell us)
-Numnum (For food)

Psuedo Words
-GooGoo (For something to eat or drink, it's multi purpose.)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Got some great news today!

After basically deciding that after this spring I was going to stop going to school for a while, I learned today that I only have spring, summer, and then my practicum this fall. While a year really and truly is a long time, when you break it down like that, it doesn't seem that long. Of course, all the papers and tests, and driving will suck, but at least I will get more and a better job out of it in the long run! : )

After I talked to my advisor, I talked to one of the counselors at my school who said he would be happy to help me! I even talked to my supervisor about staying at this school and not having to change in the fall so that I can do my practicum there, and she said that was doable!

I'm really excited. I would be even more excited if not for the fact that tomorrow consists of homework ALL DAY!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I hate Christmas...

Well, not the holiday, and definitely not the meaning I hold true to; but most definitely the commerical aspect of it.

Don't get me wrong, for the first time EVER we can afford to blow a little money on our neices and nephews. We got Archer 2 little presents and a big one.

The stinky thing is, we spent $270!! That's only $20 a kid (plus the $10 I put in the salvation army bucket), and then Archer's presents. I immediately called my sister and told her to stop reproducing, I couldn't afford to buy gifts for her children. (Jokingly only, mostly)

I hate that society makes me feel bad for not doing this. I hate that we as a society let ourselves be sucked into this, we must spend money on our and other children. That's just not the way I want to be. I want my child to appreciate the meaning I hold dear to Christmas, and if for some reason, he chooses not to follow my beliefs, I would at least like for him to hone in on the importance of spending time with family, not blowing obscene amounts of money on gifts.

There's my soap box for the day.

On the upside, I have the gift for my grandpa's house (we play Dirty Santa), Archer's, Chance's, and our families. So, even though I gave in to the norm and spent money my heart just wasn't in, I only have two more things to buy! lol
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