Work in progress...

I am a woman. I have a husband, a son, a family, a job, friends, and I am a graduate student. Each one of these things influence who I am.

I'm the wife to a man who I've known my entire life and love entirely.

I am the mother to a little boy who I love more than I ever thought possible. It was one of those things where, I didn't know what I wanted out of life until I had it in my arms.

I have a wonderful family who build the support system in my life. I guess that is one plus to living in the same place all your life, your family is never too far away.

I also have a job that I enjoy. I have great hours. I get to work with students with special needs, and it truly fills a part of me that nothing else can.

I'm also a student. I'm working on my school counseling degree, with additional hours for mental health counseling. With those hours, I will be able to apply for LPC (Licensed Practical Counselor) licensure and will be under supervision for 3 years.

Another major support system in my life are my friends. I have created friends from the jobs I've had along the way. When I was pregnant, I found an online group of friends who mean so much to me. And I have the best friend a person could ask for. She's there for me whenever I ask; and she's been there since kindergarten. We are polar opposites and our lives are on completely different tracks, but we balance each other so well.

I love facebook, blogging, and icecream, in no particular order. If I eat out, chances are likely I'll have chicken. If I eat at home, it's just as likely that I'll be having chicken. My favorite food is anything spicy, but I like pasta, Mexican, pizza, crispy chicken tenders and salad. Oh, yeah, and bread. Love bread. I don't care for alcohol, but will have an occasional drink. I like to drink coke, but like water too. I don't like to wear dresses, you'll most often find me in jeans, maybe heels, if you're lucky. I love reading and music, and a variety of books and music.

Each of those paragraphs tells you a little bit about the world around me. But how does it tie in? I'm not really sure. I'm honestly a work in progress.

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