Monday, June 8, 2009

Princess and the Frog

I guess it could be because I am not a minority that I don't get this controversy.

I think it's beautiful that Disney is making a black princess, I think it's way past due. This story is such a classic, and I wondered why it had never been tackled by Disney.

The original story line was that the heroine was a black chambermaid named Maddy. They changed that because it was too stereotypical, but I think that story shows, like Cinderella that hard times can be overcome and you can still end up a beautiful princess.

The other controversy is that Prince Naveen isn't black. One online blogger actually said the Prince should be black because having an unblack prince says that Black love isn't enough, or that black men could never be princes. I mean really? Our president is black, and while I 100% agree that there are still people who feel that way, this is a new and changing generation.


Anonymous said...

i never quite understood controversy in that area either. when i watch movies and cartoons, unless they go out of their way to inject a cultural storyline, it never even occurs to me who is black, white, asian, or indian until someone else points it out. i'd think that in this day and age it doesn't matter anymore, but it does. that makes me sad.

Tamra said...

It makes me sad to see that people can be so shallow. Seriously? WHO CARES what color someone is? I'm going to have to agree with Nobody and admit that I don't even categorize people unless it's pointed out.

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