Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Just one of those days.

My day was going great, then the phone rang.

Chance's best friend called. He's having marital issues, and I didn't want to be in the middle. I didn't answer. Then, Chance calls.

Said friend is bringing some of his stuff to our house to store while friend is at work so that his wife (who he is leaving) doesn't destroy it while he is at work. He will just be leaving it here until Friday, he is moving back home to NY then.

We have a tiny house. So, I had to do some rearranging for this stuff to fit. I move all of Archer's furniture around so that there is room and so that I can still get directly to the crib.

I go to the bank, deposit $200 to pay the freaking motorcycle payment. (The motorcycle that doesn't get driven.) I leave the house with $300 and come back with none.

Somewhere I lost a $100 bill. Who freaking does that? Me. I am a loser, in that, I lose things. I am soo pissed at myself. The only place I went after the bank was Sonic. Chance is convinced that I gave the damn carhop a $100 instead of a $1. I'm floored.

I was so worried he would be pissed, because like I said, I'm a loser. While I have never lost money before, I have lost other important things. You would think that as many things as I have been in charge of/resposible for, I would be more careful with my personal things, but I seem to have a problem.

THEN, friend brings his stuff before Chance gets home. While my mom is here actually, trying to get me to go to the store and spend the money I lost. (That I didn't tell her I lost.) So, I help friend unload his crap onto my kitchen table, he wants to see how big of a trailer he is going to need to take his crap back to NY.

Meaning? All the room I cleared in Archer's room was done in vain, he won't be using the empty space.

After the stuff was unloaded, I had to tell Chance the awful news that I'm a loser. He wasn't mad and didn't even care. He actually offered to give me more money. Not the $100 I had, but more.

That's why I love him.

Now I sit waiting on my insomniac son to go to sleep and am talking with my best friend who decided on the fly to come spend the night so she can do a little romantic recon on the ex/boyfriend who won't call her back. He's an ass.


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