Friday, June 5, 2009

Ant bait

My poor child was ant attacked again. We know where there is a small ant hill, we sprayed and keep Archer from that part of the yard b/c it's dirt anyway.

Last night he was playing in a really grassy part of the yard and after me telling Chance to go get him for 4 minutes b/c he was straying away from his normal area, he goes to get him and finds ants all over his legs. So I run get the water hose, spray him down and get them all off. Then I feel horrible about letting this happen again.

But the upside is, he never once cried.

Merrily playing before the ant attack:

Poor little chewed up leg after:


Kristen said...

Oh my, that hurts me just looking at it. I'm glad he is okay.

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