Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bright and Early

Archer generally sleeps in until around 10 or so, so my rise at 7 this morning has been very unwelcome. I don't mind getting up early so much anymore, I just don't like it so much when he goes to bed at 11, and Mommy doesn't get to sleep until 1ish.

Chance and Arch used to make it their weekly task to go to the IL's every Saturday, but the wonderful county we live in has decided to tear out 2 of the 3 rural roads that lead to their house. You can still drive on 1 of them, but it's dirt, washes out every time it sprinkles and is just in awful shape. So, they didn't go at all last month.

Now, consider what Mommy does when they are gone all day: absolutely nothing. I might find the inspiration to clean a little, but not usually. I'm ready for my day off. Hopefully I can convince Chance to go see his parents today.


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