Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Just a little reminder

I discussed Chance's friend and my BFF's relationship problems yesterday.

It didn't necessarily occur to me at the time, but man I'm so glad I'm happily married. We've never really dated other people, we've been together since we were 15. People who say that is a mistake can look around at the relationships of people who started dating when they were older that collapse.

Consider that the divorce rate in America is 50%. The next time you are a room with another married person, odds are one of you will be divorced. While I do think that the reason so many marriages end in divorce is because of the people who are getting married don't need to be.

IE, friend and his wife. They had no business getting married, they fight all the time. Not just disagreements, they have deep rutted insecurities, trust issues, and she cheated. He has control issues and she has control/mood issues. So, divorced they will be.

Just makes me so grateful for a happy loving marriage.


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