Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A big problem and a slight crossover

So this one ties to the house blog a little.

Originally my kitchen was closed off from the living room. Well, Chance decided it would open things up if we tore that wall down, created a header to hold the load of the house and build a smaller wall on the opposite side just wide enough for some counter space and the range. So now here I am a year later wishing we would have just left it.

Yeah it opens things up and gives an overall feeling of more space, but for me it's not that much better. Now instead of having a small kitchen and living room, I have a small great room where you are in the kitchen when you are in the living room.

The biggest pitfall of all is that Arch can waltz right on into the kitchen with ease. In an attempt to keep him out, Chance moved the furniture so that the gap is the size that it would be if there were a door, but it's not enough to keep him out. So, last night we tried a new babygate, still didn't work. So today I had to break out the pack n play to keep him in the living room.

When we build a new house, the kitchen is going to be seperated from the living room by a door. I can just see it now, sitting at the table with my girlfriends gossiping about our husbands, and they can't hear us because the door is closed! : )


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