Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Why I refuse to grill on my own

Every time I have ever lit the grill and cooked on my own, something super scary has happened. We use propane, and it just scares the shit out of me to have fire blazing, hooked up to a giant container of gas that's feeding it. It just seems rampantly unsafe.

1st incident: 9 months pregnant, grilling steaks. Go out side, push the light button, flames blow out the sides, a little fire is burning on top of the propane take. On the handle. I called the fire department, they tell me to turn it off. I say, I can't, the handle is on fire. 15 minutes later they come, full gear and spray it down with giant fire hoses.

2nd incident: 5 months or so ago, the packs of hickory wood in tin foil chance incorporated to give the food flavor caught on fire. It's like flaming up to the top of the lid. Freaking me completely out! I throw it out on the ground (we have a little cement step area that I tossed it to) and ran for the hose.

3rd incident: 1 Month ago, I was grilling steaks, the grill hasn't been cleaned apparently, by my husband who does 99% of the grilling. The middle drip plate thing catches on FIRE.

4th and final incident: Last week, I go out, light the grill. The flames shoot out like incident 1, and burn all the hairs 5 inches up my arm. They are all curled up and mangled. : (


Rikki said...

I don't grill either for those exact reasons, not that they have happened but they chance that they might. I'll stick with the stove or oven, I'll leave the grill to my husband.

Nobody said...

wow, that sucks. it does make for a good blog, though! (you can tell i'm an addict, when i think of things like that in terms of "how interesting would it make my blog...") i don't grill either, because i am terribly accident prone. i get nervous just using the stovetop.

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