Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Medicine for my mood

I went and woke Chance up last night and told him I was sick of him sitting around and moping. I told him all kinds of things he needed to hear.

He said he was being all shitty because the house was messy when he came home from work, he was tired, and I was bugging him about doing things.

Reality: I did 2 loads of laudry, all but the skillet and pots in the sink from my and Arch's lunch, and I asked him to start the grill as soon as he came in because I knew he would be hungry and wanted to get supper started. (I don't grill)

He came to the living room where I was watching TV and asked me to come to bed. I said no I was still mad. He said he was sorry.

I didn't really believe him. I told him I was going to bed, and when he went back to the bedroom, I started cleaning. At 1 am. Twenty minutes later, he comes in and starts cleaning too. Says he can't go back to sleep for work (He gets up at 430).

So between the two of us and cleaning and talking mildly, we worked everything out.

Then we went outside and watched for meteors. Only saw 2.


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