Friday, January 4, 2013

Letter to my Nanny, 2013

Dear Nanny,

It's been six years now. When I wrote my letter last year, I had so much to update you about, and here we are again with so much more.

I've thought of you so much this year. I wished you were here much more frequently than ever before. There have been so many changes and so many new things that I really wish you were here for me to call and get advice or just come sit and talk.

Archer started pre-k in August. It reminds me so much of the things we used to practice in my little red and white striped notebook you made. I still have it. I still have the book you taught me to read from. I'm hoping that next year I'll be able to practice with Archer too.

We had a new baby in September. His name is Foster Elias. I have loved the name Elias since the days we used to work on genealogy stuff together. His room is now your old room. I wish you were here to just sit and hold him so I could do something other than sit and hold him myself. He loves to snuggle and I know you would love it too.

We were saddened this year that your big brother went to Heaven to be with you, but I can only imagine the glorious reunion you all had. I can just see you all sitting around a big kitchen table enjoying each other's company. I wish that reunion was happening here, but I hope that we're making those same memories for our kiddos down here.

I'll keep it short this year, but just know that you are so missed. By all of us. Especially the ones who don't know what they're missing.


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Gigi said...

Love this :)

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