Friday, July 20, 2012

Three weeks

No, not until baby comes, but until I send my other baby to school. Can you believe it? I can't.

I am so unprepared for this. Yes, we have mountains of school clothes, new shoes, and even a jump start on school supplies. I just am not prepared to send my little guy to school just yet.

Don't get me wrong, we drive each other crazy. I'm ready for some quiet time to get the house cleaned and prepare for baby #2. He's ready for social interaction and he is so ready to learn anything and everything. But school? Six hours away everyday? I'm freaked out.

Yes, he was in daycare while I worked full time but this is different. There will be no snuggling on the couch like st daycare. The hours aren't as flexible, I can't just pop in at noon and pick him up if I'm free. And it's permanent.

Maybe that's the issue? It's so permanent. This is the beginning of 12 maybe 13 more years of this. And then college. Oh, let's not even go there just yet.

I'll tell you why this is such a shock. Last year there was mention that the law had changed in Oklahoma requiring students entering pre-k to be four by June 1st. It was attached to a law about reading standards. The law about reading standards passed so I assumed the other part had too. Another teacher friend also believed this. I thought I had another year. Then in May I found out it had been removed from the reading law and my boy was going to school in August. Oh my.

I'll get over it. This will pass. But I'm still a little shocked that nearly 4 years have passed and my sweet boy is in school. If you've done this before, you know what I mean. If you haven't, you will someday. It's no fun.


Nobodys Nothings said...

my daughter desperately needs some sort of social outlet, but i am still not ready for school. she'll be going full time 4 days a week next year in our school system's pre-K program. i'm terrified, excited, and a who lotta sad all at once. :/

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