Monday, December 26, 2011

It's that time of year

Christmas is over. Because the husband was out of town on the holiday, we had Christmas the weekend before. He, of course, went so overboard with gifts. 

Archer got a train table. That he has yet to actually play with. He also got some dress up clothes and a play guitar. He's changed the dress up clothes so many times it's insane.

I got a new camera. :) Like I said, overboard. I actually got the camera in November because he had to get my input before buying (he was afraid of getting the wrong thing when you're spending that much money). On Christmas day I got a digital frame from Arch and a 35mm f1.8 lens from Chance. 

At my parent's house we generally only buy presents for the kids, but because my parents are always ready and willing to help out my sister and I went in together to get them both Kindles.  They have always been readers, and my dad has been staying up late nights reading, which makes me laugh. Quite the change from my childhood. lol 

A friend of mine helped a family in need this year, and I thought that was just so amazing. It was without hesitation or judgement. It made me very proud of her and happy to be her friend. I decided at that moment that I wanted to do something similar for someone on Christmas. 

I talked to my family about doing an Angel Tree or adopting a local family in some way. We all decided that would be a good idea and we would work it out later. 

Before we could get a family to adopt, one of my dad's brothers posted on Facebook that he was living out of his car. He had been staying in a hotel after being evicted and couldn't afford to stay there anymore. The room was $55 a night. I called the hotel and got them (he and his gf, who works, but in San Diego, didn't make enough to support them and he works construction and hadn't worked lately) a room for the night and called later to order them a pizza for dinner. I hate seeing my family in need, but I did the only thing I could do. 

I let my mom and Aunt know I wouldn't be able to help with adopting the family because I'd spent so much on that. 

Then, just a few days before Christmas, another friend posted that she'd had to return all of her daughter's presents to pay her utility bills. This friend is part of the online group of women I met four years ago. My group (about 60 total, not sure how many were able to contribute, but we all helped some) pitched in a little bit of money and made that little girl's day. 

I'm pretty bah-humbug about the commercial aspect of Christmas, but being blessed with enough to help others really made it that much better. It's the true Christmas spirit. And the reward isn't getting thank you's and kind words, the reward is seeing pictures of that happy little girl on Facebook, knowing that you contributed to her smile, her continued belief in the Santa who brought her presents. 

The Christmas spirit moved in me this year. I'm so happy to have the friends and family I have. I'm thankful for all I have, and I most thankful that I'm able to share with others. 

It's a little late, but Merry Christmas all. I hope next year you are able to help someone in need, I promise it will make your holiday even sweeter. 

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