Friday, December 23, 2011

What a crock

Before Chance and I had children (child?) he said he would never lie to them. Never tell the big Christmas lie. You know the one I'm talking about. We've all been a victim, and most of us are now perpetrators. I didn't agree with him of course, children love the magic of Christmas and I for one, wasn't ruining it for my child and the countless others he would share this news with.

Once he was here Chance apparently changed his mind. But this year, this was really the first year that Santa has played a part in our lives. Last year he knew about him, but didn't really care too much about him. This year though, the year we could have skipped the great lie, we needed Santa as a behavior management technique too much to do anything else but be big fat liars. 

As I watch the Santa frenzy, I'm more and more ashamed of myself for continuing this lie. Not only do I tell the lie, I bought a $30 elf to help with the lie. And then after I bought the elf, I made a video from Santa that told my child he was on the naughty list (I'm going to hell). I may have even called Santa a few times to tell him how naughty my child was being. 

All of this Santa propaganda makes is so easy to lie. 

Why am I writing all of this? 

Last week I overheard my husband lecturing my three year old son about lying. It was this really long spiel about lying. And then he ended it with, because you know, Santa does come to the house of little boys who tell lies. Irony at it's finest hour.

I feel more than a little guilt at disciplining my child for lying when we've done nothing since Thanksgiving but lie about Santa. :) Next year I plan to dial back the propaganda back a little. Let Christmas be about so much more than Santa. 

Don't get me wrong, Archer has heard the first Christmas story and he knows about sharing with those less fortunate. But there will be much less about Santa next year at this house.

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