Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Keeping Busy

It's amazing how much more quickly a day will go by when you are doing things than when you aren't, isn't it? Every day I look forward to five o'clock, and it seems to just drag by. Today, however, was much better. Well, time wise anyway. Archer and I enjoyed our last summer day sleeping in until 10:45. He snuggled in my bed with me for a little while before deciding he was starving. I made him some eggs for breakfast and then ordered this really awesome planner for myself after finding it on a blog I follow. (PS, I have a coupon for the planner, and will post pictures of mine when it comes in!!) (Wow, just realized how lame it sounds to be this excited about a planner.)

While I was doing that, there was a knock at the door, the plumber. He spent about an hour working on the lines, charged me $100 and said all of the lines to the city's main line need replaced. He got the BALL that Archer flushed down the toilet out, apparently the SOCK and underwear he flushed went into the lines. I capitalized ball and sock, because if you remember from a previous post I said the boy flushed his panties, but yesterday as I was telling my grandpa why I needed a plumber he confessed to also flushing a ball and his daddy's sock. Grr.

Anyway, he said that it's back to flushing for the time being, but that we really need to replace the lines, a task he would only charge me $5,000 to do. I almost crapped my pants. I thought he was joking, I almost laughed out loud. Chance said we would just rent a trencher and do it ourselves. I almost would rather pay the $5,000 than do anything that involves sewer lines....

While they were working I threw a pork loin on the stove, it's the Pioneer Woman's Dr. Pepper Pork recipe, and let me just say, YUM. If you haven't tried it, you must. It's very spicy but oh so good. That took a significant amount of time, as I like to go to the kitchen periodically to smell and baste the meat. And snack on the top and edges once they get done. It's a tough job. After the meat was done Archer and I headed out to my mom's for dinner. I made the roast, so she made the rest; as well as some chile rellenos. It was fantastic food, but I'm feeling it in my esophagus tonight. Archer gobbled up some spaghetti o's while we ate spicy food and then put away an ice cream cone and a bowl of ice cream. The sugar festival was on after that.

He was being wild. I took him out in the garden for some pictures. Getting a smile was like pulling teeth for a while. Actually, getting him to smile and look at the camera was a task. He would look at the camera with this horrible straight or sad face, and then look away and smile. He was wearing me out. We wandered out into the pasture to take some more, where I did get a few smiles; but once we got in the pool he was back to not smiling again.

 Even though I thought he was going to wear my patience thin, it really did push the day along quite nicely. We got home at 8, chatted with Chance and then Archer went straight to bed. He never crashes that early, but tomorrow is his first day back at day care. I can't wait! :)

 Here are a few of the pictures from this afternoon, all I wanted was a smile.

Twenty shots later, he finally gave me a real smile and made eye contact with the camera. Love my boy.

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