Sunday, August 7, 2011

Where I am...

Just in case you are wondering.

First, I have some stuff going on that I'm not really comfortable with sharing on a public platform. Nothing at all major, just trying for a sense of security.

Second, I'm dealing with some things around my house that are really just wearing my nerves thin. Last Saturday as we were packing for the lake, my child comes in to the living room to say he flushed his panties (yeah, he calls them panties, so what?) down the toilet. I didn't believe him. He says silly things likes this all the time. My husband runs in and immediately starts plunging. (I personally think this was the wrong move. I think he should have taken the toilet off to check if they were right there and could have been snatched up. But whatever.)

We got the toilets to flush on Saturday, everyone had a shower after the lake, Sunday everything was fine. Sunday evening rolls around and mortifyingly enough, after I go to the bathroom it won't flush. Not even a little. So I have to plunge for what feels like hours. I go and get the kid to show him what he's done. After plunging, for what seemed like hours, I yelled at Chance that we needed to call a plumber. He decides he'll get a snake at the hardware store first thing the next morning. Monday morning rolls around, and guess what, it's the parade day. Oh, and I have to take my car in to get it repaired after the wreck. So we battle our way downtown after the parade, pull into the body shop (which my sister owns) and park it on the back side half a block away because there are still people parked every where and loitering. Leave my car there. Get in Chance's (old, crappy, needs repaired) 4Runner and head to the hardware store. He then tells me we are almost out of gas and sometimes when it's hot his truck doesn't start well. It's noon and over 100 degrees, so the prognosis isn't well.

Luckily we made it home, only to find out that the snake we got doesn't fit the hole in the floor where the toilet once was. He has to go back, with no gas and the heat and hopes he makes it. (Again, here I thought that getting gas would have made more sense, but he said that the gas station was too far away so he couldn't make it? Not sure the thought process there...) Around this time the rental car places calls so my sister drives me the next town over to get the rental. When I get home Chance tells me that the snake didn't work, we'll have to wait and see and probably get a plumber.

Fast forward a few days, it's still hot outside, we're over 40 days straight above 100 degrees in case you're wondering what I mean by hot. I throw some clothes in to wash and forget to dry them. I wash them again, hot water extra rinse (I'm an idiot, I know). Then I do another few loads of laundry. I hear a gurgling, which is normal, except I go in the bathroom and there is sewage in the bath tub. I'm ready to blow a gasket at this point. I clean the tub with bleach and put the drain stopper in.

We're now at 48 hours since the toilet has actually flushed willingly, otherwise I've had to plunge every time. Which is the nastiest job I can manage. It's the weekend, but I assure you, I'm calling a plumber tomorrow.

Thirdly, my brand new dryer, well, less than a year old dryer, is on the fritz. There is some kind of short somewhere that causes it to turn off about 15 minutes in. You know, just long enough to forget that you started it and don't notice that it's not running. The past two loads of laundry I've done have required me to sit in the laundry room or at my desk nearby and run in and beat on the front panel to get it to run again. I also need to call a Sears repairman, but I can't seem to remember to do that except for when I'm doing laundry which is late at night because it's a million degrees during the day time.

All these things combined is really just about to push me over the proverbial edge, so let's just say I am pleased to announce that the boy goes to daycare next week. Yay!

I don't start back to work until the 16th, but I really need him out of my hair for a few days to chill and he really needs some entertainment. We're ready.

So, that's an almost complete summary of what is going on with me. I left out lots of disgusting plunging details, and the first paragraph's actual point, but you get the idea. It's really hard to come up with stuff to blog about when all you can think about is when you're going to be able to flush the toilet again.

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