Wednesday, August 10, 2011


My blog topic prompt today is, What in your house needs cleaned the most?

I nearly snorted when I read that prompt. What doesn't need cleaned in this house? It seems that everyday, no matter what proactive things I do all day long to avoid large messes, they still happen. 

Yesterday I did a load of whites, a load of towels, a load of blankets (because my child peed the bed twice in one night), a load of darks, and two loads of colors. I actually hadn't really done a mass laundry run since early July. Which I know is really sad. I would just wash a few things here and there and leave the rest piled in the laundry room. Now they are all washed, folded, and waiting for me to organize my and Chance's dresser to put them all away. Work starts back up next week and I need to have everything ready to go without worrying about doing laundry. 

I run the dishwasher daily. You wouldn't think that cooking 3-4 times a week would create as many dishes to be done as it seems to, but apparently you'd be wrong. I think the main culprit is the previous house we were in before this one had this really awesome closet in the laundry room that I stored our extra dishes and other kitchen stuff. Well, when we moved, Chance forgot to get everything out of it, and left us with like 6 large plates, 2 medium plates, and 3 small plates and a very limited selection of utensils and silverware. When Chance's grandparents passed away we were given some of their silver wear which has helped, but when yo only have 9 plates total, and three people, well, that means you wash dishes all the time.

My house isn't dirty, it's definitely messy. There are lots of things that are out of place, or don't have a place at all to begin with. I guess that's what I would really like to do most. I would like to organize the entire house, find more places for things that don't belong stacked on top of the fridge or any other cabinet in the house. I would like to build on and have more storage. More places to put things that need a home. 

Oh yeah, and I also need to clean my room.

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Tamra said...

Ha ha... um... can I say, "Moron prompt... I HAVE KIDS! What DOESN'T need constant cleaning?"

Clearly, that was written by a man that doesn't have kids, see the inside of his home, and has a housekeeper ;-).

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