Friday, August 12, 2011

My dream

Early this summer I went to my cousin's high school graduation. During the ceremony, one of his classmates sang and played his guitar. It was really great and my mom and I were very impressed with his vocal skills. After that I downloaded his songs on iTunes, I mean, they were just a dollar. Those few dollars meant nothing to me and helped an aspiring artist pursue his dream. 

Today I saw his facebook page in my newsfeed and thought I would check out his website and see if there were any updates. I read his bio for the first time and there was a touching note to his Papa, the person who pushed him musically. The person who inspired his dream. 

So my cheesy mind thought, that would be a good blog topic, "What's your dream?" 

Then I realized I didn't have the answer to my own question. I know it's natural to have some identity issues at my age, but that kind of hit me hard. Do I even have a dream? I dream of...being a good parent, original right? 

You want to know my very first thought? I'm sad to admit it because I know it will never come true. My very first thought was, My dream is to live in NYC. I've always dreamed of living there. 

So, I'm not really sure if that counts or not, especially since I know it's not even possible, but there it is. 

My dream is to live in New York City.

After realizing this was my dream, I've decided I want to create a dream list, sort of like LMM's Life List so be looking for it in the near future.

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