Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dreary Day

Yesterday was just perfectly warm, the sun was bright. The skies were blue and wonderful. It was the perfect spring day.

I had my windows open all day. Cleaned the house, which is not anything I enjoy doing, by the way. I just had the whole day with nothing major planned. It's my only Saturday off until the end of the month, and I planned to enjoy it.

Chance and Archer were gone most of the day to Chance's parents and then to our nephew's baseball game. Archer took a long nap and it was just a nice day.

I woke up this morning to thunder at 5am. Never a good sign for the coming day. It's been rainy, cold and windy all day. I made lasagna for lunch, and afterward the boys settled in for a nap.

I took a bath, no picture of that. :) And once the wii remote charges, I'm going to play just dance.

I always liked cloudy rainy days like this before I had kids, and when I didn't work. Now that my time off is limited to weekends, I hate it being rainy instead of sunny. My poor kid gets cabin fever, and begs to go outside. But then, my office is outside the main part of the building so my students and I get rained on, so I don't like rain during the work week either. Guess I can never be pleased. : ) Actually, I don't mind rain when it doesn't drop the temperature to 40 degrees in May.

Ah well. At least tomorrow is pay day. And the summer is rapidly approaching. Can't wait to just spend the day having fun with Archer.

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