Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011


Big Muscles
Super Fast!


My handsome guy! <3

My little guy was Superman this year. He is a super-hero fanatic! Every time I asked he named a different super-hero he wanted to be. I picked this out and we went with it. He had so much fun trick or treating.

After every house we went to he asked if his bucket was full. He ran to every house and always said thanks, even if he didn't remember to say Trick or Treat. He wasn't even scared of the people in scary costumes handing out candy. He just held his little bucket up to them. One house had a miscommunication between the dad and the son over who had given candy to who and Archer got missed. He refused to leave their porch before he got some candy in his little bucket. (He should have just left, it was lame candy anyway.)

Of course, before the trick or treating ensued, he fell down running from his cousin in my aunt's driveway and landed face (or head?) down on the concrete. Poor kid. This was his first ever, other than bruises or small scrapes, injury.

Hope every one had a wonderful Halloween! We did! 
(other than the goose egg)

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