Saturday, April 9, 2011

You're My Best Friend...Oh Whoa, Whoa.

My best friend...

Would you like to know about my best friend?

She's this beautiful girl, I met in kindergarten. I remember this one time, she showed me her Superwoman bra in the mini bathrooms of the kindergarten classroom. It was cute, but I was always jealous when we got older that she actually needed a bra, and I didn't.

We spent every possible weekend together. She was most usually at my house, as her parents partied more than mine did, and appreciated the free babysitting. I occasionally spent weekends at her house, but we usually went to her grandma's house. Her grandma was this really awesome lady who made us snacks and took extra special care of us. She also had this awesome bar setup downstairs with a pool table, karaoke machine, and a shuffle board thing. We had lots of fun down there, even though we never got to spend time in it as an actual bar.

When we were in the 7th grade, her dad (who worked for walmart) got transferred to a store in Colorado. I was the last person she told, because neither of us was happy about it. I was heartbroken that my best friend was going to be moving 10 hours away. Luckily, we grew up in the time of technology and were able to mail, call, and email each other pretty regularly. Beyond that, I got to spend the first spring break away with her. Then that next summer after she moved, she came back to spend the summer with me. We were pretty sick of each other after that, but it worked. When my mom took her back home after that, we got to spend time with my grandma's best friend in Denver, and we got to spend the night in a really nice hotel.

I spent the next summer with her in Colorado. It was completely different from my life with my parents, as her parents were divorced by this time and had joint custody. Even when her mom was at home, she worked overnight as a nurse and slept until noon each day. The amount of supervision we had was minimal, and if we wanted to go somewhere, we rode bikes or walked.

Because she still had family around, she came to visit frequently and even came to our Senior prom, while Chance and I went to see her for Spring break and my mom and I went to her high school graduation. In June of that year, she came to visit her uncle, and ended up staying with me and my parents for a bit. It was during that time that she and Chance and I decided to get a house together.

We lived together for one year, and she moved to Oklahoma City, I moved home with my parents, and Chance joined the Navy. We still stayed close, even though she was living an hour away. We saw each other often.

In the Winter of 2007, her grandmother, the one I talked about before, passed away. I spent an several days with her, trying to console her in anyway I could. I took her wherever she needed to go, even if it was just somewhere to get away from her family for a little while. She got into a really big fight with her dad right after that, and moved back to Colorado with her mom and brother.

For a stretch of two years, the visits were less often. She was rebuilding her life there, and only came to visit two or three times. When Archer was born she came to the hospital to meet him and see us. She even cleaned my house and took care of our dogs while we were away.

In 2009 she, her mom and brother moved back to Oklahoma. I'm so glad to have her back close again. We try to see each other each month, as she still lives in the OKC area. It's not always possible, but every time I go very long without seeing her really make me sad.

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Amy said...

How wonderful you are still friends with someone you grew up with. That must be really nice.

Anonymous said...

I love you so much Sally!!! You make my heart smile:) You're the best! Thanks for being my bestest friend:)

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