Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Blog Features!!

Good morning. I'm working on making my blog a little more easily accessible. In this process, I've added a few new features and created a facebook page for the blog. Exciting, I know. What exactly does this mean to you, the reader who is already loyal? It means that finding out about a new post is easier than ever.

First, I've added the facebook page. From the facebook page, I will update you about new posts directly. Also, I will post about any new things happening as well!

In addition to the facebook page, I've also added a box in the right hand column so that you can like the page from here, even easier, see.

I've also added a box in the sidebar so that you can just enter your email address to be notified of new blog posts. So, if you don't facebook, all you have to do is check your email. Easy again. (See a theme here?)

And finally, I've added a button that allows other bloggers, like yourself, to link to my page from yours. I have a page in the top bar where I've added the buttons of others, and now I have a button for you to share. Woohoo!

So, now there are many new ways to access my blog, as well as share it with others. Hope they make your life a tiny bit easier.

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Amy said...

Thanks so much for making me realize making a page was not as hard as I was thinking!! I've been putting it off for months thinking it would be so hard LOL! I am taking your blinky!! :)

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