Saturday, April 9, 2011

Little Miss Momma

I have been sitting on this post for days, but if you'll remember how busy I've been lately, I've just had a hard time.

I found this blog the other day that I love. I actually found it through (which is an awesome site, if you didn't know this) through a hair tutorial. Once I got there and browsed around, I found lots of other things that I just love. First and foremost, Ashley over at Little Miss Momma has tons of tips about blogging, which I really need. She also has an etsy shop and tons of tutorials about random things, as well as just the basic mommy stories.

One of the things noted in the tips is to have a purpose for your blog, know what it is, and have goals as well. So, the purpose for my blog is to have a place to tell the stories of my family, vent about the things that piss me off, and just be able to connect with others.

There are lots of great blogs out there that I love to read and browse, and this is just the newest one of many!

Check her out today!

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Amy said...

Thanks for posting this! :)

Sally said...

She has such awesome tips! I like it.

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