Sunday, April 17, 2011

Baby Boom

Currently in my pretty small community, including my facebook friends originally from said community, there have been five babies born this past week, with two going in for induction today and a few still full term pregnants ready to go any day. These kids (for the most part) will make up a single classroom of children in a few years. What a crazy thought huh?

From that, I can't seem to avoid the stares and pointed comments about Archer's lack of sibling. It's time for a sibling they say, he's ready for a sibling, my friends and family are ready for a sibling.

I've gone back and forth so many times. A sibling? The pros are, he would have a life long companion who would be there with him. They would, through thick and thin, at the least have each other. I know lots of people don't get along with their siblings, but in my family, most sibling sets have always been super close. They would have someone to spend Friday nights with and someone to babysit their kids and someone to share the burden of their aging parents.

The cons? One more kid, in general. Less attention for the kid we already have. Less attention for each other. Less time to spend as a couple. I have to work now, as I didn't before. Which is also a plus, because we can afford more now than we could before.

It wasn't even a decision before, but I am worried that Archer will miss out on all the sibling stuff. For those of you who choose to have two, what helped you make that decision?

My sisters and I.

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Gigi said...

Whatever you decide to do will be the right thing for your family...

shelby said...

I'm going to leave a comment even though I only have 1 child :) my reasons for having more than one basically stems from everything you stated in the "pro" section. Yes, they will fight and probably hate each other at multiple times in their lives, but they will always have each other to lean on as they grow up and even in adulthood. I sometimes wish I had more siblings. Personally, I think having a sibling is one of the greatest gifts you could give Archer. But I also agree with GiGi and you have to do what's best for your family. Love you Sally :)

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