Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A little quiet on the homefront

I am really trying to not be my procrastinating undergraduate slacker self, and have really been doing my homework!

The undergrad college I went to was a liberal arts college, meaning everything was interconnected. We learned about the history and philosophy of math and science, not just the principals. And in history and philosophy we learned about great mathmeticians, etc etc.

I loved it, it's a little quirky and so are probably half of the student body. It has a major art department and is a big Art locale. We had people from all over the US and several other countries come for either art or soccer.

But back to the point at hand, what do you think happens when your learning overlaps from class to class? You feel the need to not go to all of them because you learned about this in x class last week. Thus started my horrible habit of going once a week.

I was also only made to write a few papers, less than 5 of that I'm sure. The only really major one was in a psychology class. I loathed writing papers up until last year when I helped a friend with a term paper, and now I get it.

I'm actually pretty sure I had it all along, I was just surpressing my potential.

Now that I'm back in school again, I'm really going to bust it out and work hard and show my old self up. I can make good grades by going to class and reading the book (which I seldom ever bought in the past) and doing the work early instead of the night before.

So, what's all that about? I have already done 2 assigments in my Lifespan class, therefore things have been a little quiet on the homefront! : )


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