Wednesday, March 23, 2011

if it's not one thing...

Isn't it always another?

I'm mostly just wiped out from our trip. During spring break, I had two midterms to work on that I of course put off until the last possible moment. I crammed as much into my lunch break and after school on Monday that I could, and scrambled to finish the rest of Monday's that day. And then scrambled to start the second one that night too. Luckily, I had finished a few questions of Tuesdays, so I turned it in at 4 (due at 5).

Since then I've still not had much of a break, and it's nearly impossible to roll of out of bed each morning. And it's not just me. Archer has been a major grouch, who cries every time I leave him at daycare.

Today I am going home after work, taking a short nap, going to my mom's to pick Archer up, and snap a few photos of him in the sunshine. I'm pleased that the daylight lasts longer and that the weather is warmer.

The cool weather in NY really made me grateful of the sunshine and the warmth.

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Amy said...

Have a good nap!!!

Sally said...

Thanks! I'll definitely try my hardest.

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