Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My kid is what?

After reading a recent news blip in which Michelle Obama gives an anecdotal story about taking her daughter to the doctor only to find out that her daughter's BMI was creeping upward, I wondered how I felt about it.

I'm all about boosting a kids self esteem, and not out-right telling them they were over weight. It just seems...hurtful. But what would you do if your child was creeping in the direction of overweight or if they already are?

I truly don't think this is an issue I'll ever have with my stringbean boy, but I still wonder...I already try not to allow too many snacks, and if he does get snacks (at home) they are usually as healthy as he'll eat. We do a lot of 100 calorie packs of gold fish and cookies. FYI, the 100 calorie pack method is only plausible if you are only giving them 1. : ) A friend told me the other day her sister just couldn't figure out why her daughter was overweight, she only ever snacked on 100 calorie packs of cookies (3 at a time.) He also snacks on pickles, fruit and cereal bars, or chocolate milk. And we only drink 2%, no point in adding extra fat where it's not needed.

I'm all for prevention of becoming overweight, but I guess I'm still stuck on what would you do once you realize it's becoming a problem? Have you already dealt with this, if so, what did you do?

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Amy said...

There is so much you can do. Educate yourself about healthier cooking. Watch TV less and go out more. Kids metabolisms are VERY easy to fix. The younger the better. It takes a lot of effort on YOUR part because kids don't understand that playing this video game a few hours a day now is fun, but later down the line it means health struggles from a too slow metabolism. Another mom blogger has a no technology day and I LOVE that idea and will be implementing that when my kid(s) are older. You don't need to send your child to a gym or go on a strict diet and never eat out again, but you do need to think more about exactly what your child eats each day. Packing them a lunch instead of them eating gross school food is better too.

Sally said...

I totally agree. My husband went on this very strict dieting binge last year, and we both became much more aware of the ingredients and nutritional make up of our food. Now when I'm at the store, I check the sort of thing. I think that the no technology day is awesome too! I know Nick does a go outside and play day, but it's only until 2 or 3 pm CST, so it doesn't really help much here. That, and Arch is 2 and has the metabolism of wild animal. lol Great ideas though, and thanks!

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