Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's Been a While...

But here I am!!

I am off work until August. : )

I have a new computer to blog on! Which is fantastic because now I don't have to use my phone, or the on screen keyboard to return with.

I have been busy for the past two weeks, just non-stop something. Which I hate because I want to enjoy my summer break.

The first week of grad school this semester involved six discussions and a paper. Who requires a paper the first week? Eh, it wasn't really that bad, but still.

I have been thinking about this same subject for weeks now, and plan to blog about it later this evening. When there is possibly quiet in my home...But for now, I have to go chow on the Hobo dinners my wonderful husband created on the grill!!

PS, he was also laid off from his job, which is the reason he is cooking dinner and not me. As I'm getting paid for my summer vaca, he is not. Which puts him a rung under me on the family dynamic totem pole! :)


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