Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Obnoxious List

Over there in the side bar, there's this obnoxious list. It tells of things I would like to accomplish someday.

Back when I was in High school, I was a bit of a control freak. My inner control shows itself in large groups when people just aren't being productive, but for the most part it has subsided into this tame little kitten. Or, probably more correctly, into this big fat cat whose belly drags the floor.

I just don't have the time, discipline or desire to control everyone else anymore.

With that controlling self, I also lost my list making and executing skills. It happened gradually, a few things breaking down here and there, but I think the chaos of motherhood really killed it.

You just can't care about the lives of others with 4 hours of sleep. (Jeez, makes me exhausted to even say that!!)

So, knowing that I can't accomplish all of the things on that list, I'm going to whittle it down a bit and see if I can't make it more achieveable.

1. Finish School.
So, here's the thing with this one. The classes I needed this summer were full. Therefore, I cannot graduate this fall without the classes from this summer. Now I am looking at a 2011 graduation, but I'm not worried!!

2. Be more health-wise.
This one can stay.

3. Be more green.
So can this one.

4. Pay off our some of our debt.
I'm being realistic. There's just no comfortable way for us to be debt free and live the way we want to. So, some debt will be paid, just not all at once.

5. Start saving money. Save at least $15 a week.
Being realistic again. A specfic goal, baby steps.

6. Finish more at least two house projects.
This one is so humorous because we haven't finished any old projects and have started several new ones that still aren't finished.

7. Buy a new car.
Ha, finished something. But this one was only because I was spending $600 a month in gas.

8. Develop myself, professionally.

9. Read more.

10. Spend more time with friends.

Wow, those last three can stay. Who would have guessed.


MorganLeakaye said...

I love that you are a realist...I feel the same way! Some things just arent going to happen no matter how good my intentions are...I think we should get kudos for realizing something like this...see you should have "have an epiphany" on the list and then you could mark it as done!

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