Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tattoos and Relationships

A co-worker said the other day, that his fiancé would kill him if he came home from his bachelor party with a new tattoo. I chimed in with, "Well, what if it's of her name?"

He gave me the oddest look and said he would never get a person's name tattooed.

Ok, I get that. Really I do. But it depends on the reason you feel that way. If you think it's tacky fine. But if it's because tattoos last forever, then I'm left wondering: Arent marriages supposed to last forever also?

If you can't tattoo the partner you have comitted to or vowed to spend your life with's name on your body because you are worried about the forever-ness of it, I'm worried about the forever-ness of your marriage.

Another friend asked what the tattoo on my foot meant.

Well, in case you are also wondering, it means soul mate. Chance has the exact same thing, slightly larger on his back.

When I told her that she said, I swear to you, "I hope you never get divorced." Hmm, isn't that a given? Shouldn't you hope that no matter what?

So, I've given you other peoples examples and opinions, now I'll give you mine. I think it could be tacky but I also think there are ways to pledge yourself with body art that's beautiful and heartfelt.

Chance and I researched the symbol. We really talked it out, and we got it together on our four year anniversary.

So, in the event that we do get a divorce? I still think God put our souls together. "I found the one my soul loves." Song of Solomon, 3:4. Our souls are matched forever even if our bodies and minds can't see eye to eye.

I don't regret it, I made the conscious decision to never regret it. If he dies someday, and I remarry, I still believe he is the one.

With that said, I never went into it thinking that we wouldn't be together forever. As I've said before, I was a naieve girl who thought no one had a relationship and love like we did. I honestly thought that. I am now older and a million times less self centered and I can see that isn't the case.

I told you mine, tell me yours? What is your opinion of permanently decorating your body with either the name or idea of a spouse or other life partner?

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Rikki said...

I agree with you! Bryan has my named tattooed on his back. I want to get something like your tattoo for him. I've wanted something for awhile I just don't know what at the moment.

Nobody said...

personally? i wouldn't do it. but i wouldn't do that any more than i'd get a full tribal back tattoo, and that doesn't mean that it's tacky or a bad idea. just not right for me. i desperately want some sort of symbolism for my children, but have yet to come up with the perfect design. or the money. i know someone who has their wedding rings tattooed on their fingers, and i thought that was kind of neat, but again- it's something i wouldn't do. maybe it does have something to do with my personal opinions on soul mates? i will be with my husband until one of us dies, but i'm not sold on the whole "one person in the whole wide world meant for me" idea. i'm just cynical like that. either way, i like your tattoo... i like tattoos that have a deeper meaning than just pretty ink on skin.

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