Monday, March 22, 2010

Hmm, let's try politics today?

Yesterday was a landmark day in history. Possibly more historically important than electing a minority president. Last night, the United States government passed a bill to create a "free" healthcare system for all.

I wasn't 100% sure about the ups and downs of this issue (I know, my civic duty, right.) but living in a red state, I haven't heard a single good thing about it.

My biggest possible issue with this bill is that the federal government has NO way to pay for it, and has left many parts of it unfunded then just handed it off to the states to come up with a way to pay for their mess. Here in Oklahoma, we are already having massive budget shortfalls as a backlash from the near depression we were in last year. My school district alone must cut millions of dollars by the end of the year.

That translates to not hiring teachers when others retire and/or get laid off. That hasn't happened here yet, thankfully, but there have been many retire or quit; and they weren't replaced. When asked why this was, the answer was simple. It's cheaper to overfill a classroom and pay a small fine to the department of ed than pay a teacher salary. As an employment of the school system that frightens me. They are blatantly breaking rules because they CAN'T afford to hire someone new. As a parent that ENRAGES me. The federal government, and the state government, have quality markers in place to ensure that our children, the future of our nation receive the best possible education they can. And they aren't. Obviously.

We are slipping yearly in our nation's education ranking. That's ridiculous. We have so much over abundance of money that we can spend an entire legislative session fighting over public healthcare that, upon last checking my news stations website, 88% of people polled were against. Let's funnel some of that money into our schools. Let's, instead of spending BILLIONS and TRILLIONS of dollars of tax money on public "free" healthcare, spend money on educating and training our future. Please. Let's even funnel a little money into our teacher prep programs so that we are learning how to teach effectively. I'm ok with that. I'm even OK with teachers whose students aren't improving having to go back at their own expense and learning some new things, so that in 50 years, maybe my son won't be living in a poor nation because it's leaders are undereducated.

Back to healthcare. A friend from Canada said that their public, free healthcare system costs them 44% of their income. That's not free folks. That's not even close. And really, I love everyone out there in blog world, but not enough to pay that much of my taxes in for free healthcare.

I don't think that people who are uninsured are lazy, are spending their money on the wrong thing, or are mismanaging their money. I think it's expensive, and the answer is not to force us to submit to their plans. We elect them, they make the rules, we get no say? Really, this is still America right?

My husband makes $19 an hour (it's rude to talk about money, I know, but let's just get it over with). He drives a 10 year old vehicle that will be paid off in 5 months on a 12 month note. We have no mortgage. We have nice cell phones with internet and not just cable, but satellite TV. But, those are things we enjoy, and yet, he doesn't have health insurance? Why, because he rarely gets sick. He refuses to pay a ton of money in, never go to the doctor, and never see a return.

I have an insurance option at work that I don't take. Why? Because. No really, because I have tribal healthcare and I get paid back for not opting in on my work insurance. The tribal care is no cost (for now), but it's a pain to get treated. Each time I go, I wait at least 2 hours. My dad went last week for an ear infection. He arrived at nine in the morning and was sent away during their lunch hour, and was seen after it. It's federally ran.

Archer is also covered on this type of health care. I looked into private health insurance for him, but didn't care to pay $180 and a $5k deductable. For my private insurance, FYI the co-pay just went up to $50. My doctor charges $65. I just can't see not getting that $200 back a month to only pay $15 to see our PCP.

If an emergency comes up, that would really suck, and I'm thinking about looking into accident protection for Chance. But honestly, like I said, I would basically have to do it behind his back because he HATES insurance.

This new bill mandates everyone must have a healthcare plan. Again I say, isn't this America? Since when do our elected representatives get to TELL us what we must do. I'm down with things that are our social responsibilities, I'm ok with them telling me things I shouldn't and can't do, but I'm just not so down with being told I must pay a larger tax percentage every year, plus pay for insurance, PLUS not get the money back I'm getting right now. It's nuts.

I do realize that there are some goods to this. There are people who need healthcare coverage, but that's not my problem. Is that horribly selfish of me? I hope not, because socially, it's not my responsibility to pay more taxes to cover some one else's insurance cost. It's just not. And not just that, but this will lower quality across the board. This bill will affect everyone.

If I'm wrong please tell me. Like I said, I'm not as informed as I should be, for that I am responsible.


Black Cloud said...

I don't think you're wrong...

America is the land of opportunity, not the land of free hand-outs. The more you give people the less likely they are to try and work for it.

It would never occur to me to rely on the government to give me something. If I want it, I have to work hard for it...just like everything else in life.

What has changed in this country that suddenly people feel so entitled?

Plus, take a good look at some of our government-run office, DMV, etc, always a pleasant experience, right? I just can't wait to "take a number" when I get to the doctor's office.

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