Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Decided something.

So, I've had a crummy weekend involving asshole cops and idiots who can't drive legally.

Needless to say, the entire police system, entire city/political system, in my town is on the brink of utter corruption.

Now, there are pros:
The schools are ok
My parents are 15 minutes away
I love my babysitter
Our house is FREE

And there are cons:
Chance's (and my) parents are 15 minutes away
Archer would literally be a minority in his class
There are few decent restaurants
I'm an hour from work

The town we lived in while I was in college is my favorite place to be. I was heartbroken when we moved here. My favorite restaurant is there, there is a turnpike which is 40 minutes from work or OKC. The schools are much nicer. There is a college there, and that just increases curb appeal. There are old residential homes on avenues with trees and grass.

So, I decided last night on my way to class, while driving down the beautiful main road that we are moving back. Chance said he isn't opposed to it.

So, while I had dreams of far off places, maybe just 20 minutes is all I need to enjoy life more?

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