Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Hope 2010 is starting off nice for everyone!

2009 was a great year for me, we definitely had some lows, but spending this past year with my sweet baby, and loving husband really made up for that!

I don't like to make resolutions because I suck at finishing things, however, these are my goals for this year, whether they are completed, or at least attempted! : )

1. Be more health-wise.

Since we have the wii, we can now monitor our weight, know the amount of calories burned, and just be overall more conscious of our health.

2. Be more green.

I have always ridden chance about not throwing trash out of his car window, etc; well now he has decided he wants us to recycle. I'm all for being green, so bring it on.

3. Finish school!

Since I'm only 3 semesters away, spring, summer, fall I should be done by December, given that I don't eff up and fail another class. While it won't do me any good for the current position I'm in, I will get more money and better benefits next year.

4. Pay off our debt.

We have 3 credit cards equalling about 6k total. Two of them we are really behind on from last year when Chance wasn't working, so my goal, and this is a short term goal, is to pay that shit off, like now. I will be getting 5k from my tuition refund, and the plan is to pay all of that toward credit card debt.

5. Start saving money.

Having a good paying job is like a double edged sword for me, because I've never had this much money, and thus want to spend it. Other than the phones and the wii, we have mostly splurged on things most people have, but we were too poor to buy when we started off in this house. So, new curtains, decorations, rugs, etc.

6. Get more things finished on the house.

We still need new windows, and central heat and air. Those are the biggies that would cut down on other expenses that really need done now.

7. Get a new car.

While buying a new car is the opposite of saving money, it would overall. I'm driving Chance's truck that he just had to have, and it gets like 15 mpg, maybe. It's an 04 Chevy, and we are still upside down on it. He was driving my car because it's just not as reliable, it's a Pontiac Sunfire. It's paid for as we got a really good deal, since it was wrecked and rebuilt. The plan with it is to trade it when we trade the truck and pray it balances out the upside down-ness. So, a new car would get twice as much mpg, and since I'm driving 100 miles a day it would make my payment plus gas cost about equal.

Was going for 10, but just can't get there! lol

Anyway, those are my goals for 2010. What are yours?


Nobody said...

we are also striving for better fitness. getting out of debt is a major issue for us as well... we're working against a foreclosure a few years back, so we have to work extra hard to fix our credit so we can eventually buy a house.

Rikki said...

My goals are to lose weight. Our goal as a family is to buy a house. We are hoping to close on one before the tax credit expires.

Happy New Year Sally!

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