Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Murder in a little town

As I previously mentioned a pastor was murdered in her church in my town.

Today new details were released, and honestly they aren't any source of comfort or relief for my little town.

The DA released a statement saying it was the most horrific crime of his tenure. That the murderer was evil and souless.

The medical examiner released the cause of death, multiple sharp force injuries. Homicide.

The OSBI has offered a $10k reward for details leading to the prosecution of the murderer.

None of that makes me sleep any easier at night.

The DA's statement could be referring to a pastor being killed in her own church on a Sunday morning, but I'm sure he isn't. The ME's statement is chilling, what does that mean? If they were stab wounds, wouldn't they say that? The reward? That's the worst part, that means they have nothing to go on.

This church is definitely on the edge of the wrong side of town, I would not live there. Even before this obviously, damn sure won't be living there now. There are drug addicts and winos roaming the alleys. It's just a shady place to be after dark.

PS, it's 2 blocks from the police station.

My worries are, it doesn't seem like a random drug murder or burglary gone bad. The door was locked from the inside. It just really freaks me out, I know this kind of thing happens, but man, not in Oklahoma. Definitely not less than a mile from my home.


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