Monday, August 24, 2009

Scary, scary!

I'm feeling extremely insecure in my house recently. It's a really old house, and we have a hard time hearing anything other than the window a/c that's right next to the bed. We heard some bumping the other night, at around 1 am, only to find our new neighbors were pulled into the yard (Which is so stupid in the first place, as our houses are set pretty high up on a hill and we only have front street parking.) and were making all kinds of noise.

Well now this happens:

I'm totally freaked out. Our house is NOT in a bad part of town, it's just on the older side of town. It's the original township area. But that happened about 12 blocks from me.

Now I'm getting all OCD about checking the locks before bed and waking up at any tiny little sound I hear.


Rikki said...

That is so sad! I don't blame you for getting OCD about checking locks and stuff. We live in a very nice town and about a year ago we had a shooting at our local university. Ever since then I've been doing the same thing you have. It just hit too close to home.

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