Friday, January 31, 2014

Vision Changes

More back story, things that were starting to fall into place and create a bigger picture than when we were just seeing individual symptoms.

Archer failed a vision screening in October of 2012. We didn't have insurance at the time so I didn't take him until November to get his eyes checked. When I went, I mentioned that he had failed a vision screening so we were just there to get his vision checked. The optometrist said that his vision was ok, within normal limits for his age.

Leading up to February, another major symptom Chance and I as well as his teacher noticed was that he was running into things. He was constantly having black eyes, but only on his right side. He ran into the living room door knob on a daily basis. He ran into the teacher's aide's finger at school and got another black eye.

Chance and I were talking a few days after the last doctor's appointment and he said, "But it's not his vision, it's peripheral vision. He can see anything in front of him, it's his peripheral vision." Lightbulb. I sent a Facebook message to a high school friend who is training to be an optometrist and he said that peripheral vision isn't typically checked in children at a routine check up. I was almost buzzing at that point. I immediately called the first optometrist again and made an appointment for Monday, February 4th.

This will be my last post until that day, and I'm hoping to have multiple posts that day, at least two parts.

Other memorable dates from Archer's Journey include:
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January 22nd
January 6th

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