Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February 4th 2013, Part Two: Looking Back

One year ago today. It seems like a life time ago, not just one year.

I took Archer to school and then went back to get him for his 10am appointment. He was excited and hopeful that he was going to get glasses. Once we were back, the doctor stated the his right peripheral vision was unresponsive, and that he thought we should go somewhere ASAP to get scans done. He said he wouldn't wait until the referral from children's hospital.

I took him back to school and talked to Chance about what he said. I googled all of the symptoms as a whole and talked to a friend who is a nurse. I knew it wasn't something I could keep ignoring. I called the family doctor back and asked the nurse if we should go to a local hospital or wait and she said "No, go to Children's Hospital now." So after having three different medical professionals confirming my gut instinct, I packed a bag for Chance and Archer and we went.

We stopped at McDonald's to get some chicken nuggets since he skipped lunch while at his doctor's appointment. We stopped to drop Foster off at my cousin's house and then headed to the E.R.

I was expecting to sit in the E.R. waiting room for hours, but after we were checked in they called him back quickly and sent us to an exam room right away. From there we waited about 30 minutes while multiple doctors and students came through asking us the same questions over and over.

Eventually a doctor came through and told us that we were headed for a C.T. scan. It was an open machine and took less than five minutes. Then the waiting began again.

I can still clearly remember the next doctor that came in. He spoke very heavily accented English, but I could tell by the look on his face that it was serious.

"The C.T. is showing a large mass."

The one thing that I understood.

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