Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January 29th, 2013

After seeing one doctor on January 22nd, we went back and saw another doctor (my family doctor) on the 29th. My mom went with me because she's bossier than me and would be thinking of things that I might forget.

He started with asking why we were there and then what all was going on with him. We explained that his arm/hand had some muscle weakness and that the last doctor had noticed an issue with his gait. He marched Archer up and down the hall, had him do some push and pull exercises, and checked him all over.

Then he just stood there looking at us. He said, "Honestly, I have no idea." He refused to speculate. I think in that moment he knew, but he didn't want to say because it was outside his specialty. He set us up with a referral to Children's Hospital, but wasn't really that urgent. He said it might take a while so to keep checking with them.

He also commented that he was blown away at what the other doctor said. He just couldn't image why he would say that. But he knows the other doctor and I think he was respectful in how he handled the whole situation. I was really worried that he would just take his word for it and send us home.

We left that day with no more answers than the first doctor's appointment, but knowing that we would be getting a referral to Children's and that answers were on the horizon it really did help.

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