Friday, November 9, 2012

Thankful Day 9

Today,  as I help my husband prepare Thanksgiving dinner to share with his family I'm thankful for that which the pilgrims were thankful for, abundance. We don't have much right now, but we have so much more than many others and I wanted to take a moment to recognize that.

Archer tried to tell me the other day that he was just starving so I sat down with him and explained what starving really meant. I told him about little boys who go to bed with empty tummies because their mommy can't buy food for them and I think it nearly broke both of our hearts. I'm SO thankful that my boys have enough, more than enough, but enough. I cannot imagine sending them to bed hungry or seeing their hungry little faces all day.

Today I'm humbled at the thought and so thankful that my children are provided for and taken care of so that they don't have to know what it means to go without.

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