Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Good Parts

Last week I posted about the bad things we experience during pregnancy. Let's be honest, there are things about being pregnant that aren't awesome. It's not all rainbows and bunnies. 

That doesn't mean I'm miserable the entire time or I don't enjoy the experience. It's just honesty. I'm at the point right now where I would so much rather have a baby in my arms than my abdomen. I'm just ready to get on with it, not feel anxious about what's going to happen or where my husband will be when it does. I'm ready for him to get here so Archer can get used to life with our new family so he can stop feeling anxious about his place in life. I am, and I don't really think that's bad.

I also will miss this entire experience. This will be our last baby, or at least my last pregnancy. If we could adopt some day, we might, but it will all depend on where we are financially in 10 years. I love being pregnant, like I said, I really don't have such a terrible time. I'm not throwing up the entire first few months, I don't have horrible symptoms, and I love feeling a little tiny person growing inside me. 

It makes me sad to know once he's out, I'll never feel a little foot kick again. Getting to experience being pregnant is amazing, and I'm fully aware that it's something denied to so many. It breaks my heart for them because it really is something great. I don't take it for granted even when I'm ready for a baby instead of a belly. 

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